My Halloween Stash – Sally Hansen

Blogging! I remember what that was like! Now that I have a few seconds of extra time on my hands (You guys REALLY LOVE MONSTER MASH!) I thought I’d throw together another of my Halloween stash posts. This time, my beloved Sally Hansens.

Are there any more coveted and lusted after Halloween polishes than vintage Sallie’s? Somehow, I think not. My collection is nowhere near complete and I bet there are others out there that I’ve never even seen, but uncovering them is part of the huge thrill of being a vintage polish hoarder collector.

Sally Hansen Slime Sally Hansen Skeleton Sally Hansen Jack O Lantern

Sally Hansen Trick or Treat Sally Hansen Witches Brew

4010-01 Slime, 4010-02 Skeleton, 4010-03 Jack O Lantern, 4010-04 Trick or Treat, 4010-05 Witches Brew

These five are the 2000 Halloween Hard As Nails collection. I’ve had these for a very long time (at least six years!) and I’m lucky to have the full set. Skeleton and Slime seem to be the hardest to come by these days!

Sally Hansen Vampira Sally Hansen Yellow Fever

4430-01 Vampira, 4430-05 Yellow Fever

These two are from the 1999 Spooktacular Halloween collection which is very very hard to find! I’m missing 4430-02, 4430-03 and 4430-04 (Midnight, Spooktacular and Boo Who, not sure which codes are which though!) and I hope to find in the future. I’ve never actually even seen Boo Who!

Sally Hansen Wicked Sally Hansen Ghost Sally Hansen Black Cat

4002-01 Wicked, 4002-02 Ghost, 4002-03 Black Cat

These three are from the 1998 Halloween collection. I’m missing two of these, one of which I know is Pumpkin. The other one, I have no idea!

Sally Hansen Screamer Red Sally Hansen Ghoulish Green Sally Hansen Pumpkin Orange

5716-01 Screamer Red, 5716-02 Ghoulish Green, 5716-04 Pumpkin Orange

These are Canadian, and I know I’m missing at least one of these (5716-03) but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what it looks like and if there are any more. Also no idea what year these were from.

Sally Hansen Doomed

6262-08 Doomed

Doomed is another Canadian Sally Hansen that made its first appearance in 1997 along with Haunted (Charcoal) and Ominous (Blackened Olive), although my bottle is from a repromote in 2008. It looks black in the photo but it’s actually a blackened purple. You can see a swatch here.

Hope you enjoyed my look at vintage Halloween Sally Hansen! I’ll be back with some more spooky beauties tomorrow! (I promise! I’m queuing the post right now!)

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  • Kristy

    Jack-o-lantern & Vampira *fans self*

    • Kaz

      Two excellent picks!! <3

  • Your bottle shots make me drool!

    • Kaz

      Thanks love!

  • April Croft

    Oh my godddd I’d love these…damn. They’re all gorgeous!

    • Kaz

      I hope I can find more for next year!

  • Kaz

    I’m so jealous of your Spooktacular!