My Halloween Stash – Wet & Wild Fantasy Makers

If I had an obsession with any vintage Halloween line, it would have to be Fantasy Makers, Wet & Wild’s Halloween line. Fantasy Makers are still around to this day, more recently seen in the bottles with the cool “RIP” headstone caps. I love that Wet & Wild get into Halloween so much that they have their own sub-brand to accomodate it! Here’s my collection – I’ll start with the newest ones first.

Fantasy Makers Purple Potion Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin

Fantasy Makers Night Glow Fantasy Makers Black Magic

Fantasy Makers Vamp Red Fantasy Makers Black Pearl

These two are still fairly recent but I’m not sure where they came from. They don’t look like part of the regular line.

Fantasy Makers Unnamed Fantasy Makers Magical

These Fantasy Makers are a little older, no idea how old though. In my collection, there’s two different kinds of cap – brushed silver and holographic. I’ve seen gold holo caps too but I don’t own any of those. I just picked up Mystery, Hot Blooded and Jack-O from eBay, but I’d love to get my hands on Fiery (orange shimmer), Night Crawler (light purple creme) and Shinin’ (pale blue shimmer). I originally thought that the ones missing the ‘g’ off the end of their name were a single collection, but I have a mix of brushed and holo caps so who knows? No matter what their story, these are awesome.

Fantasy Makers Scary Fantasy Makers Nightscape

Fantasy Makers Starlite Fantasy Makers Unnamed

Fantasy Makers Glitterin' Fantasy Makers Sparklin'

Fantasy Makers Witchin'

This last lot look more like the traditional tall cap Wet & Wild bottles, just with black caps instead of white. I just added Yellow Creme, Black Red and Orange Creme to my collection, but I’d still love to get my hands on Green Glam and Passionate Purple. I’m sure there are many others as well.

Fantasy Makers Black Ice Fantasy Makers Fantasy Green

Fantasy Makers Metallic Blue Fantasy Makers Emerald Green

This last one is a complete mystery. It was a gift from a friend, and while it bears the same name as the Green Glam that I saw on Polished Claws Up, it’s completely different! I’ve never seen anyone else with this polish, nor have I ever seen it for sale anywhere!

Fantasy Makers Green Glam

I can’t wait to add more of these to my collection. Do you have any vintage Fantasy Makers that I haven’t mentioned?

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  • Kristy

    I just want to roll around in your stash

    • Kaz

      Hahah that might hurt!

  • ReecesPeeces

    Wicked! I do have a fantasy maker (I think?) you haven’t listed though it may be newer. It’s a duochrome.. I think in a gold bottle? I need to bust open a helmer tomorrow.

    • Kaz

      Oh man, I’d love to see!!

  • Pamela Collett-Dyer

    I only have the glow in the dark – but it’s such a great line

    • Kaz

      I especially love the older ones!

  • Kaz

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you love!

  • thenailpolishrehabcandidate

    *drools* I love that last mysterious green one! I have a few of these- Nightcrawler, Nightscape, Shinin’ and Mystery and plain “Black” are my ones with the silver holo caps. I also have Black Ice and most of the newer ones with the tombstone caps (both versions of Black Magic, Vampish Red, and Glow). I just haven’t been able to find Creepy Pumpkin.

    • Kaz

      I’ve gotten pretty lucky finding these but I bet there are a lot I don’t know about!