My New Favourite Chanel

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Chanel polishes. There’s just something extra luxurious about them. A feeling of quality when you hold the bottle. I’m probably just falling hook, line and sinker for marketing and branding, but I don’t know. My Chanels just feel… special.

Chanel Matador

I’m lucky enough to have a fairly large collection of vintage Chanel shades (and I really don’t want to think about how much I have spent acquiring said collection) but it isn’t often that I take out one of them for swatching. Today is the exception. May I present, the most gorgeous red ever – Matador.

Chanel Matador

From what I can ascertain from reviews on Makeup Alley, Matador was released in 2003 along with an Infrarouge lipstick of the same name. It’s a gorgeous, deep glowing red. The kind of red that I usually find myself falling in love with. It’s got that same kind glowy depth as Sally Hansen Hot Sauce and Piggy Polish You Sleigh Me.

Chanel Matador

What I find most interesting about this polish is the shimmer. Normally reds like this go for a golden shimmer, but the shimmer particles in Matador are hot pink. They don’t really photograph well or translate to the nail, but I think it’s part of the overall effect. Plus it’s stunning to behold in person.

Chanel Matador

If you have plenty of cash to splash, you could go to eBay and buy Matador right now, but patience is a virtue. I found my bottle on eBay UK for less than ten pounds. The key to vintage Chanel stalkage is patience. And work out what you are willing to pay for something and stick to it. Don’t pay a cent more. Trust me when I say another one will come along. Chanels have a habit of constantly showing up for auction despite their age, due to the fact that they are, well… Chanel. People are always going to sell stuff like that in a pinch.

Chanel Matador

If I haven’t convinced you by now that you need Chanel Matador in your life, please scroll back to the top and read this entry again.


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  • Dana ?

    My tiny little Chanel collection has been growing in the last few months and now this is another to add to the wishlist! Red polish is just under my love for green, and the pink shimmer adds such a cheerful glow! This polish makes my lil polish lovin heart happy! 😛

    • Kaz

      I know what you mean – it looks nice in the bottle, but on the nail – STUNNING. I love Chanel polishes, join me on this slippery slope to addiction!!

  • Kristy

     That. Is. Spectacular!!!

    • Kaz

      That’s definitely a good word for it!

  • nat_elocin

    NO. Kaz, I refuse to follow the recent trends by adding THIS to my wishlist although I must admit, it’s pretty captivating.

    • Kaz

      Hahaha I think you need to read this post again. IT MUST go on your wishlist.

  • Jacqui

    GORGEOUS!!!! My vintage Chanel wishlist has recently grown from 2 to about 30 and this is going straight on there. For now, I will pretend that my SH Hot Sauce will tide me over…

    • Kaz

      I’ve still got a fairly large vintage Chanel wishlist but I’m picking away at it slowly. Oh man, Hot Sauce is THE BOMB. Best SH red in existence.