NOTD: Zoya Envy

Zoya Envy

Please to ignore the dirty big smudge on the bottle. Kthx. I didn’t even notice it until now.

I took this photo about a week ago, and I am still wearing Zoya Envy. It’s quite rare for me to go this long without changing my nails, but I’m not sure whether to put that down to laziness or really digging this colour. I would say that it’s a little of both, with a slight lean towards lazy.

Nonetheless, I am still pretty jazzed about Zoya Envy, especially wear wise. I have a few chips on my right hand, but other than that, she’s holding up well. Minimal tipwear too. And that’s no mean feat considering I type all day long. I used the usual combo of Seche Base and Orly In a Snap – it seems to work well for me. I was going to try Diamont, but after hearing a few people compare the smell of Diamont to a cadaver, I might put it off just a little while longer.

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  • just found your blog and uuhhh i LOVE it 😀

  • Kaz

    Thank you!

  • Lucy

    :laa:I love green polish so of course I think Envy is amazing. Sometimes I hate to take off a polish because I love it so much. Then I remember how many bottle I have so off it comes. I usually change mine every three to four days. Envy is so pretty and shiny. I never heard that about Diamont. I also have never smelled a cadaver!:shock: