Of Zings and Things


Why, that would be me since I snagged Cherryzing for $5.50 BIN last night from an Aussie eBay seller.

Here’s an emotional family reunion photo from a few years back of my initial Zings. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Revlon Zing

L to R Kiwizing, Violetzing, Tangyzing, Citruszing, Rosezing, Khakizing, Peachzing

Missing from the group photo is the gorgeous Mangozing (below), which I found for $3.00 at a dusty market stall at Paddy’s. I remember coolly paying for the polish and quietly losing my shit as I ran away. Best day EVER. I must tell you though about the tiny cardboard box of fucking mental vintage polish at Paddy’s Haymarket – EVERY time I go there it has new stuff in there (and by new I mean new to me) and I have pulled out some freaking amazing polishes. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? I NEED TO KNOW THE SOURCE. I could just ask the nice man who owns the stall but I am pretty sure he already thinks I am completely batshit. But I love you, vintage polish portal to the past cardboard box everything $3. I LOVE YOU.



Anywho, Cherryzing (below) can now be crossed off the list! (The list is going rather well this year I must say…) Along with Cherryzing, I also found myself with bottles of Brrberry, Brazenberry, Violet Extreme, Crimson Sparkle and Wild One. Violet Extreme and Wild One are mystery purchases based on poorly lit eBay photos so fingers crossed I stumble on some gold!


Cherryzing via Candy Coated Tips

According to a company spokeswoman, Revlon, which remains the No. 1 brand in nail color despite its recent declines, plans to drive nail color category sales by introducing promotional nail color collections featuring “multi-dimensional and textured” nail polishes. These include Revlon’s current Thunder & Light fall/winter promotion; the holiday collection, Crystal Reflections, and Color Zing, a multi-dimensional textured collection that will hit counters in January.
Source: Marketing Planned to Boost Nail Sales in 1999, Oct 11, 1999, Drugstore News

As for the Color Zing line, from this article it looks like the collection launched in January 2000. Almost 15 years ago! And yep, it’s still good. Throw out your polish after 12 months? PFFFFT.

Now, nine polishes in a set is an odd number but I honestly have never seen or heard of any more in my numerous years trawling for vintage polish. However, I did come across a lipstick called Plum Zing, but I haven’t ever seen a polish of the same name.

Revlon Plum Zing Lipstick

Plum Zing Lipstick

But if you’re a fan of my blog, you’ll know there’s another line of Color Zing polishes as well, and as far as I can see they have only been released in Europe. The majority of mine were found in France with the last one found in the UK. Hmmmm.

Junglezing, Goldzing, Nightzing, Reallyzing
Junglezing, Goldzing, Nightzing, Reallyzing

Revlon Junglezing Revlon Goldzing

Revlon Nightzing Revlon Reallyzing

Revlon Nightzing

Revlon Junglezing

These are my four. Common sense tells me there are six, since I know I am missing the gorgeous Velvet Zing (via Polish and Plants).

Revlon Velvetzing

But as for the sixth one – well that remains a mystery. Or maybe not. I found this polish via a Google search. A warm pink duochrome called Sexyzing. It definitely fits with the name, but the bottle is very different. I’m just hoping this is the missing shade in a weird bottle and not yet another line of Zings I need to track down and collect!!

Revlon Sexyzing Revlon Sexyzing

But then there’s also the Top Speed shade Daring. Which has the absolute WORST formula. While it doesn’t have Zing in the name, Jacqui from The Scholarly Nail’s bottle has Color Zing sticker on the brush. Weird huh? Who knows where it fits in? (I must note I also found this in the magical time travelling cardboard box at Paddy’s Haymarket).

Revlon Top Speed Daring

I hope you have enjoyed this confusing and in depth look at these frustratingly rare beauties. I’ll snap some pics of my new Revlon babies once they arrive wooooohoo!

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  • Tara Capewell

    so i need these now….. why oh why do revlon sell so much shit polish now…when their old polish is so pretty??!!!??

    • Kaz

      I won’t lie… my blog is bad for wallets. I do like some of the new ones, but the old ones are just so special.

  • Dana

    Hot dang this was an awesome post to wake up to! That SexyZing bottle has me scratching my head like cray over here! I think I have about five or six zings. I’ll have to take a look now!

    • Kaz

      I love that even after all this time we are still finding new stuff!

  • naanie

    Yaaaas I love how excited you are 🙂 And that Party Hard gif is AWESOME. I love historic nail polishes; not many people cover them the way you do.

    • Kaz

      Aww yay! Thank you for still reading my blog even though I don’t get to post all that often.

  • oh these are cool! I never heard about them but I love reading about old polish 🙂

    • Kaz

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • How did I not see this amazeballs post until now?!?! I’ve still been hunting for Zings myself, I’m still no where near completing the set, but I do have that bottle of Sexyzing, it turned up on ebay and I paid about £10 for it. I thought it was gonna be a decent sized bottle but when it turned up it was tiny, it must only hold around 5ml or so, so it’ll only get swatched when conditions are perfect as I’m too scared to use it!

    • Kaz

      Ooh wow! Can’t wait to see it Heather!