Sooooo… *whistles*…. Come here often?

Kay…so this is my first blog post. Not entirely sure why I needed to express that this is my first post – if you’re reading this (hi) you can plainly see that there is no entry below it. That and I haven’t actually had time to create some form of functional blog layout – this is all stock standard stuff.

Unless you’re reading this as an old post. In that case, marvel at the awesomeness that is my custom theme! And greetings from the past! :awe:

“So why the new blog? You don’t even update your movie site?” Scream the masses. Well that’s exactly the point of this blog. I’m an extremely random person, and I’m only capable of obsessing over one thing at a time. This blog will allow me to write profusely (insanely?) about whatever is eating my brain at this point in my life. This blog will explain why I haven’t updated my site, contacted you, answered my phone, (showered?…I kid) in the last {insert amount of weeks/months here}. And that’s usually because something else awesome has my complete attention.

That being said, this blog won’t be for everyone. In fact I’m only writing it for one person. Me :awe:. I’m not being a bitch or nothing, I do encourage you to read and comment though! Just don’t be hurt if you think I’m super cool one day, and discover I’m a massive geek the next. My tastes are very eclectic! I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that no other person on the earth likes the exact same things as me, and I’m cool with that. But I still need to write about it!

I’m planning on registering a domain and tarting this bitch right up (pimpin my blog, yo), but me saying I’m going to do that, and then actually doing it are two completely different things. I was planning on starting this blog months ago, and had the bright idea of upgrading my b2evo software. That all went to shit when I destroyed my movie blog by accident. Aw fuck.

Oh, by the way. I swear. May as well get it out there.

But yes. I am lazy. Just as an example, right now I am supposed to be working (hey, at least I look busy), I have a Zetaboards theme to finish for the boyfriend (cause he no scripty scripty), I’m supposed to send emails to two people, money to another and a letter to another, Stinkomovies requires about a zillion new reviews and a March update and possibly a couple of blog entries…But you know what? I think I’m gonna play Phoenix Wright on my DS.


Only time will tell if this is a new era in the world of blogging history, or something I will simply forget about by next week.

Stay tuned. Or not. Your choice.

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  • Well, *I* think you’re super cool and being a massive geek only adds to the cool points. :laa:

  • Kaz


    You have much awesome also, young grasshopper.

    I love how being an adult makes it okay to be a geek. :awe:

  • Lucy

    :DI finally got to the end, well the beginning. I don’t even know where I found you. I liked your style so much I just kept reading and commenting. I’m not into the same kind of games. The only ones I play are on Big Fish and Concast Games. I love the Time Management, Match 3 and Marble Shooter games. I know they’re not fantastic like Play Station but I like them. I don’t even have time to play them anymore. I’m too busy reading all the nail blogs. I’m super behind now. I could’ve read thru more but I got interested in yours. I don’t know if you’ll go back and read all my comments. I enjoyed commenting anyway. Hopefully you’ll keep posting. I’ll be reading and looking out for you.:awe:

  • Kaz

    Thanks so much for reading through the whole thing and commenting! It’s nice to know people like what I write and read it. <3

  • Kaz

    Aww yay! *waves*