Old Hard Candy Part 2 of 3

First of all, while doing some research, I found the owner of the old Urban Decay & Hard Candy pages! Clockwork Dahlia has a blog here and has mirrored her original Hard Candy and Urban Decay pages. I’ve sent her an email asking permission to keep the images of hers that I have used in my Urban Decay entry so hopefully she will be okay with that, and I gotta say that I am so thrilled that these sites aren’t dead!

Check out her amazing Hard Candy and Urban Decay collection! It puts mine to shame!

So before I get to more of my pictures, a little history. Hard Candy launched in 1995 and the original six shades were pastels in Sky, Violet, Peachy, Sunshine, Mint & Bubble Gum. Before long though, the business grew and along came a whole line of kickass colours!

Holiday 1996 would be my favourite without question. Of the eight christmas polishes, I only own two. Grinch and Gangsta Booty. But I would give my right boob to get my hands on Seasonal Psychosis, Jingle Balls, Sexy Santa, Holiday Homicide, XXXmas or Icky Eggnog. You can see a pic of Icky Eggnog HERE at Clockwork Dahlia’s blog, and Polish Packrat has some great shots of XXXmas.

But now my pics! We’ll start out with some swatches.

Hard Candy Grinch Hard Candy Stop
Hard Candy Grinch & Stop

GRINCH is a super dense bright green glitter which is a lot like Color Club’s Object of Envy. I think the Colour Club might be slightly yellower. I should photograph them side by side to check. Grinch came from the aforementioned Holiday collection and I tell you I nearly fell over when I won that auction. STOP is a newer silver capped version and is a gorgeous red with gold shimmer. The shimmer is much more pronounced in the bottle, but it gives the red shade enormous depth. This polish is stunning.

Hard Candy Soul Hard Candy AWOL
Hard Candy Soul & AWOL

SOUL aka PIMP is a beautiful, rich mid tone purple that looks much darker in the bottle than it does on the nail. My bottle is marked Soul, but I have seen the same colour labelled Pimp. I imagine that they must have changed the name as they did with a few others like Playmate (Player) and Superman (Superfly). AWOL is a murky green with an odd silver shimmer. It’s slighly brushstrokey, but I like it a lot.

Hard Candy Mermaid Hard Candy Sky
Hard Candy Mermaid & Sky

MERMAID is an awesome green that is frosty and brushstrokey but you know what? I don’t care in the slightest! It’s the closest to a deep green foil that I have come across so far, although I have found that it may be dupey with Ruby Kisses Ocean. SKY, I am pretty sure, is the first ever Hard Candy colour. I know it was part of the original six polishes and it seemed to be the one that stuck around through all the bottle changes and even the 10th birthday re-release in the original square bottle in 2005. The blue shimmer in the bottle doesn’t quite come out as much on the nail, but is still very visible in the right light.

Okay, now for the rest of my bottle pics!

Hard Candy
Navel, Sunshine, Flaming, Heist

Hard Candy
Chronic, Greed, Tantrum, Sushi

Hard Candy
Hick, Manic, Earth, Frigid

Hard Candy
Angel, Weenie, Sugar Daddy, Tantrum

Hard Candy
Gold Digger, Dork, Fuzz, Kung Fu

Hard Candy
Sex Pistol, Sissy, Cloud, Sky, Exxtasy

I’ll try and photograph the rest of mine tonight and tomorrow I plan on putting together a checklist and talking about later releases and the new Walmart polishes! Enjoy!

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  • splattergirl

    we have walmart in canada but no HC :((

  • Man, these are awesome. I’m wondering if the one I had was Manic. The name rings a bell. If so, that would be very funny because I ended up being bipolar, LOL. These lines that got their start in the 90s really knew what their consumers wanted. Such amazing colors, and equally amazing names!

  • Lucy

    You have a great collection of Hard Candy polishes. Wish I would’ve bought them.

  • all those polishes are drool-worthy 😀

  • Landa

    *faints* so jealous of you. I love when you post this stuff.

  • Kaz

    Aww yay! I just hope I’m not annoying anyone or coming off as “braggy” I just know that if someone else had these, I would want to see pics too!

  • Kaz

    I wish I could buy more!!

  • Kaz

    They sure are!

  • Kaz

    Aww that’s cool but not cool at the same time. Hope you are okay and managing it well!

    I agree with you on the colours and names! Such imagination in the 90’s! And they didn’t care about “trends” either!

  • Kaz

    We don’t even have Walmart at all in Aus so I feel your pain!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    Wow these are awesome. I have a walmart by me but no HC and the other walmart that I sometimes go to once in a while, has very little HC I can’t win :(. Oh well at least I can stare at your pretties. 😉

  • Jackie S.

    This is awesome!

  • Kaz


  • Melacine

    Wow, what a Hard Candy collection! Very cool.

    Also, I tagged your blog with a couple of awards: http://melacine.blogspot.com/2010/09/ive-been-tagged.html


    • Kaz

      Aww thank you so much Shel!

  • Jennifer

    woaahhh thats a lot of hard candy (:
    how many have you got in total??

    • Kaz

      You know, I’ve never counted! I’ll have to add them to my gallery and count them!

  • Kaz

    Aww thank you Miranda! If you’re interested in swapping, I can be contacted via MUA under the name candihart.

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  • Kaz

    When I finally get it finished! 😀 Hopefully that will be soon!

  • Kaz

    Me too! I’d better get to work!

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