Ozotic 507 and a Picture Polish Giveaway

I was meant to post this last night, but somehow, some stuff happened and now it’s Tuesday. I have all my posts for the week planned so I’ll have to pull a double on one of the days where I’m not so flat out! (FYI, that is NOT today).

So as many of you might be as well, I’m signed up to recieve Picture Polish’s newsletter. So when I got word that Ozotic 507, 509 and 517 were coming back into stock I squealed like a little girl and began stalking their store. Apparently all that stalking paid off.

Yep. That was me. I just happened to check the store at the right time okay? No need for the restraining order. We’re cool, right Picture Polish? RIGHT?!?

Ozotic & Picture Polish

Psychotic polish tendencies aside, let’s focus on my wonderful order. From L to R Ozotic 507, 509 & 517 and Picture Polish Jealousy. See? I told you the stalkering was worth it.

Ozotic 517 Ozotic 509

Here’s a couple of bottle shots of 517, which is a pale green holo and 509 which is straight up silver. Aren’t these lovely? I was going to swatch them, but I really want full sun to get the best out of these bad boys. The weather has no idea what it wan’t to do these days so I figured I’d wait a little longer and swatch them with the rest of the Ozotic holos that are still sitting on my desk. But even under faux daylight, these are just amazing.

Ozotic 507

But on to the star of the show – Ozotic 507. That thunk you just heard was the re-enactment of my jaw hitting the floor from when I swatched this last night. Or it was your jaw hitting the floor. Or a combination of both. I am 99.9% sure that this is the source of my mysterious unlabelled Morpheus polish that I posted forever ago. I layered this over one coat of Chi Chi Mortisha and it seriously pained me to remove the swatch. That’s how beautiful it is. I cried, people. I CRIED. (Not really, but that was so dramatic, huh?)

Ozotic 507 Ozotic 507

Here’s a couple of alternate angles. I really don’t have the words, and for me that’s rare. As you all know.

Picture Polish Jealousy

Along with my pretty discontinued Ozotics, I could hardly resist the new and wonderful Picture Polish Jealousy. HOMG. It’s super dense green glitter suspended in a green jelly base. It’s a green version of Bloom Zooey. My pictures make it look paler than it actually is – it’s actually quite bright. Not emerald green, but a lovely grassy green. I am definitely a fan.

So here comes the cool part. Since I took part in Picture Polish’s Blogfest and did really crappy but generally well recieved watermelon nail art, Picture Polish are rewarding my bravery for sharing something so shit by giving me the chance to give away three of their amazing Picture Polish shades to Pretty Random readers. I’ve never done a giveaway before. How rad is this?

Much like myself, this giveaway is going to be less than conventional. I’m not concerned about followers or retweets or advertising or whatever. If you want to do those things, awesome – I appreciate it. BUT it will not get you any more entries. My rules are simple – you can enter as many times as you like, but there is one condition. You have to write me a bitchin’ haiku about your favourite Picture Polish shade.

Picture Polish colours all have great names. From Vampire, to Heavy Metal to Jade & Goldfinger… Just pick one and write me a haiku featuring that name as one of the words. Five syllables, seven syllables, then five syllables again. Simple! To start us off, my boyfriend wrote one for popsicle.

Explore with your tongue
Embraced by your lucious lips
My sweet popsicle

Hey, I never said it had to be appropriate. He’s a published author. He knows what he’s doing.

So if you’d like three free Picture Polishes of your very own, write me a haiku. Heck, you can write as many as you like. Post them in the comments below. I’ll pick my favourite and then Picture Polish will send you three shades of your choosing. Ozotic colours are not included though, so if you win – just remember they HAVE to be Picture Polish. Check out their website and pick your haiku muses right here! I’ll be running this competition for two weeks, closing on the 23rd August, so get haiku-ing!

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  • L.

    OMG I cannot wait until payday. I need more Ozotics. 

    • Kaz

      I hate to enable but yes you do.

      And do you realise that’s actually a haiku?

  • Bwahahahahahaha! I’m LOLing at the sample haiku. :p

    Those holos….OMG! And I thought Ozotics had me at multichomes and that’s it. Waaah!

    • Kaz

      Nope. Obey the holos… LOL

  • Anonymous

    I’m so annoyed I missed 507 🙁 Bah! I love jealousy.

    LOL @ the haiku! Way to be different!! 😀 I’ll have to get my thinking cap on!

  • Diana

    I have to apologise for these haikus. I came up with them while procrastinating from doing Uni work. And they’re dreadful.

    You can see all green
    But there are no trees or grass
    Jealousy rules all

    The thrum of the bass
    The singer screams just one note
    Heavy Metal rocks!

    She’s so innocent
    With a secret in her eye
    Wisteria girl

    The sequins are here
    The dancing girls are prepared
    Razzle Dazzle me!

    [Little something for our lovely judge here:]

    Kaz wants our haikus
    Making polish poetry
    Sky is the limit

    [This one is my favourite, I don’t know why. Probably because it has ‘butt’ in it]

    Stretched over my butt
    Makes me feel safe and secure
    Denim forever

    Again, I’m sorry.

  • Kitties26

    Ohh, it’s the same as that Morpheus polish, and you even said back then that there were other duochromes that matched ozotic ones! Working on a haikus now, I passed on Jealousy, but think I like it after seeing your swatch.

    • Kaz

      Jealousy is gorgeous! You should grab that one next time!

  • Margie

    honey dew melon
    i’ll take a pass on the fruit,
    make mine midori

  • Margie

    smooch that baby’s cheek
    soft, smooth, almost translucent
    like peaches ‘n’ cream

  • Margie

    not another smudge!
    i cannot believe this sh!t
    the polish abyss

  • Margie

    with my nails done
    doesn’t matter what i wear
    i’ll never be nude

    sorry i am going crazy with these, i love haikus!!

    • Kaz

      I love them too! Write as many as you like!!

  • Margie

    cackle at the thought
    of winning picture polish
    cackle looks so cute

  • Margie

    cowgirl riding high
    sexy in a dirty way
    crack that whip, baby!

  • I LOVE this idea! I ‘hate’ normal giveaways! So this is AWESOME =) I’ll get my thinking cap on.. Hope it’s okay if the haikus contains errors in the language, since English isn’t my first language.. I’ll do the best I can 🙂

    • Kaz

      Of course it’s fine! 😀

  • Ok, maybe a little (or a lot) inappropriate…

    the windowless van
    owned by that watching old man
    here child, free candy…

    • Justasachildof10mightact


  • Kristy

    Great post & nice haul!!!

    Ok, not very creative with words but here we go….

    Oh so sexy red
    Not for the faint hearted
    Vegas, I’m there

  • Anonymous

    Ozotic 507 is so rich and gorgeous! And I’m always a sucker for a green glitter.

  • Sarah

    hit by my little red car
    was a flamingo

    so sad :/

    dipped his first digit
    into the shining cauldron
    he’s my gold finger

    haha. apparently i can only come up with weird ones for this. 🙂

    puts me in the mood
    dulce de leche, you’re my

    haha. had to look at a wikipedia article for that one.

    nom nom nom nom nom
    nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
    sweet peaches ‘n cream

    it really helps if you’ve seen this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMWi7CLoZ2Q

    okay. i’m done. 😀

  • Not so appropriate…but here it is!

    I am still in love
    With your sorry, Red Devil ass

    When will you grow up?

  • Second one!

    We went to a beach
    I didn’t take my clothes off

    But I still feel Nude

  • I kind of like the not-so-appropriate ones…

    She’s a super freak,
    Saw a sexy, hunky guy,
    She rode him like a Cowgirl!

  • Please dont talk to me
    You could really use a Mint
    Your breathe really stinks

  • She was very sad
    Until she met her first love…
    And became so Bliss

  • Alright, who did it?
    Who ate my Peaches N’ Cream?

    I am warning you…

  • Jess

    So this was inspired by my recent (and hopefully temporary) stint as a housewife, which I am so not cut out for. 

    Bored out of my mind
    Sitting at home with nothing
    Waiting for a life

    So…I guess I’m super depressing then! No cleverness here! 😛

  • I love haiku. My bestie and I used to write them back and forth for hours as a conversation. I always said that if I did a giveaway, I’d do it in haiku format so that no one would get extra entries and stuff LOL

  • insilentfilms

    To win prized polish

    I will try and write for you
    A bitchin’ haiku

    A handsome strangerStalks Mina through London streetVAMPIRE she shall meet

    Alternatively, if you count Mina as 1 syllable…

    A handsome strangerStalking Mina through London streetVAMPIRE she shall meet

    25 cents each
    The 1904 World’s Fair
    FAIRY FLOSS was there

    Mirth Mobile you
    delight me with your SKY blue
    paint that I love so

    We just saw him…NUDE
    Garth finally got his pubes
    Here’s a cup – don’t spew

  • Emz O

    This is an awesome giveaway idea!! Here’s my attempts at haikus:

    Yay for WikiHow

    Teaching me to write haikus

    It’s something to do.

    Impatient fingers

    Waiting for polish to dry

    Oops, I moved too soon.

    Waiting for home time,

    I escape from the office

    Out into the sun.

    My frogs go croak, croak,

    So happy in the water

    Chomping on crickets.

    It’s No Buy August

    And I’m already breaking

    Keep me strong, will you!?

  • Spacetart

    f_cking new twitter
    favorites in profile WHY?
    please let me go back

  • Margie

    dusty old antique
    are you a hard to find? … or…
    just another frost?

  • Margie

    i feel like betty
    drinking in the afternoon
    mad magenta men

  • Margie

    it is just a lie
    that seedless watermelon
    those white things, are SEEDS!

  • Margie

    freshly painted nails
    strangely, but for me, it’s my

  • Margie

    ooh you’re all dolled up!
    said the young man to me, but
    not rouge, just unfit.

  • Margie

    i suck your hardness
    release your taste on my tongue
    not that….. malteaser!

  • Amber Blackburn

    Oh Mad Magenta
    Don’t react so insanely
    Put down that pistol

    Open the mailbox
    Oh my god, I have nail mail!
    I cackle with glee

    Where did I leave that?
    DS Original, lost
    My room, an abyss

    This straw is too thin!
    I suck harder, but nothing
    Curse this malt-teaser!

    There is a place here
    I avoid on a full moon
    Stay clear of Ware House

    A quick uppercut
    Knocks you out cold, I cry:
    Ha! Razzle Dazzle, bitches!

    Vampires should not
    Under any circumstances
    Sparkle in the light

    Voodoo or disease
    Rage or reanimation
    Zombies are real, okay?

    Milky skin, long legs
    And bright red hair, Rita Hayworth
    Truly a goddess

  • Amber Blackburn

    Great idea for a giveaway, btw. This was a lot of fun 🙂

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  • Margie

    look into your eyes
    as the sunset is falling
    hold me tightly please

  • Margie

    apply my new gloss
    pressing it on my hot lips
    i can rule the world

  • L Boden

    “Je t’aime” the French Pink
    said with amorous intent
    French White replied “Merde!”

  • Kate

    He’s in outerspace
    Need to catch his attention
    Had to be a FLIRT

  • Kate

    Wearing the worst dress
    Trying to humor a friend

  • Kate

    The bride is in white
    Her lovely maids don bright pink
    Look like FLAMINGOs

  • Kate

    Romance engulfs them
    Perfect like a CORAL REEF
    Island adventure

  • OPI Addict

    Jacob is a wolf.
    Bella is a lot naive. 
    Vampire baseball.

  • Marli

    Hope I’m not too late. These are some awesome haikus from everyone, btw. Such a fun giveaway. Now for my late contribution:

    Cackle like a witch
    Hear her from a mile away
    My mother-in-law

  • Veronica Sculac

    Under your mad spell
    Stick your pins into my soul
    That VOODOO you do

  • Veronica Sculac

    Anytime or place
    Many wears before washing
    I love my DENIM