Ozotic Holos and Some Bad Language

I’m back! Again! Another post! Seriously if I keep this up I might start to look professional or something. I better cram as many creative swear words that I can think of in this entry and disappear again for a few weeks. I have a rep to protect. I can’t have myself appearing… productive…can I? GROSS! Next thing you know I’ll be wearing glasses on the tip of my nose and telling you not to run in the hallways. I can feel the change taking place – like that scene from an American Werewolf in London… RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Ozotic Pro High Impact Holographics

While I still have a grasp on my sanity, I wanted to tell you all about Ozotics High Impact Holographics. Not that I’m telling you anything new because a stack of other blogs have posted swatches of these and I would put money on the fact that their swatches are a kerbillion times better than mine. On the left we have 617, a wonderful sky blue and on the right is 621 – a deep, luscious ruby red. Despite the fact that my camera didn’t pick up squat on the holo front, I can assure that these are holo. Perhaps not as “high impact” as their 500 series linear holo predecessors, but I still think these are super pretty.

Ozotic Pro 617

I’m going to put on my captain obvious cape and tell you that 617 is a sky blue particle holo. That much is evident. There’s something delicate about it – it really reminds me of summer. And Smurfs. And for some reason this movie from the 80’s with the mother from Malcolm in the Middle in it. *shrug* The holo is almost visible in my pics, but much better in the sun. It looks chunky as well, but actually applies quite smoothly. This is two coats.

Ozotic Pro 621

621 is a saucy, saucy minx. I LOVE this. I’m still partaking in a massive red nails love fest and this one just about blew me away. Look how red it is! The jellyish nature of the base buries the glitter throughout and the end result is just amazing. If I wasn’t worried that I would turn to dust if I get out of bed before noon, I would TOTALLY take some picture of this in the sun. You betcha. This is two coats as well and I think I am in deep, dark, nail lust. Meow.

Ozotic High Impact Holographic polishes can be purchased for $14.95 each from piCture pOlish. They are based in Australia, but the good news is that they post worldwide. They’ve got a great range of Ozotics across the board – multichromes and linear holos included. Go on… grab a few. I know you want to!

Okay, so I know I promised you some bad language. Brace yourselves because here it is.


I’m going on a no-buy. (I know, I know… those words are so vile and offensive and I’m so sorry) I’ve just got to do it. For the entire month of August, I am going to do my best to shop my stash and keep the weeping to a minimum. It’s going to be hard. Very very hard. The circles that I travel in are littered with the sweetest, most wonderful bunch of enablers I could ever possibly hope to meet. Resisting your charms will be hard, my friends. But if I pass this trial, I believe it will make me a better man person. I will be able to conquer anything!

Or, I will just cry a lot and eat cake.

Either or.

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  • LMAO! Good luck for your no buy! Stay strong dear friend, stay strong!

    • Kaz

      I’ll try… I might need to avoid your blog though. 😛

      (Just kidding I love your blog too much even though you make my wallet cry and you made me place a Cherry Culture order this morning… LOL)

  • Kaz

    Awesome! It’s so nice to have travelling companions on such a terrifying quest!

  • Kaz

    Hrm. Incentive. If I can get through these 30 days, I’ll reward myself with something. I need to think of something I want.

    We should start a no-buy support group!

    • Most definitely! I need all the support I can get. Only moments after agreeing to the no-buy, I bought two bottles of polish on ebay 😛

      • Kaz

        I’ve been ordering like a madwoman! Sparituals, Cherry Culture, Fashion Addict… all in the last 24 hours. My no buy starts on Monday! 😀

  • Kaz

    Join us! A bunch of us are going cold turkey for August. You can do it!

    • Anonymous

      I would try again for August if I wasn’t itching to get my hands on a handful of polishes to complete series … I’m sure I’ll be broke by August 2 so I’ll be back on the no buy bandwagon!

      • Kaz

        Haha you can join us then. I’m placing a few orders today too. Then it’s serious no-buy time!

  • Kaz

    Me neither! And that’s a good thing because I have a heap more!

  • Those are seriously beautiful!

    • Kaz

      They are indeed! Ozotics are definitely something special!

  • Emz O

    Ahhh I just finished a No Buy! God they suck! Good luck 😀 😀

    • Kaz

      I sense that I will fail, but the best I can do is try! Congrats on finishing yours!

  • Buggsiebee

    ‘shop my stash’…..I hear you!!!!!
    Today I was in a new Parfumerie ( beauty/drug store??? ).
    When I spotted the Lancome display I felt my silly little polish junkie heart miss a beat. There was a most divine blackish/emerald polish which I knew I had to have.
    The dingbat salesperson said it must be from the new Winter collection which hasn’t arrived yet…..but after closer inspection and a bit of brainpower I realised that it was the limited edt. 014 Pop Petrol which I have had in my stash for MONTHS but have NEVER used!!
    I’m right with you…..I REALLY need to SHOP MY STASH for a while.
    Good luck!!!

    • Kaz

      LMAO! I was thinking Pop Petrol before I got to the bottom of your comment! It’s going to be hard, but I’m pretty sure I can do it!

  • Justasachildof10mightact

    haha, good luck with no buy. 😉

    • Kaz

      Thank you 😀 It’s a big ask for me, I know, but if I don’t try I’ll never do it!

  • Lucy

    Shopping your stash should be fun.  Remember that.  Plenty of pictures also.  I’ve been on a sort of no buy.  Sorry I had to use that language.  I was also scared I wouldn’t get my Social Security check.  Thank God the government has gotten their asses together and came up with some kind of solution.  So damn many good things coming out.  I’ve been buying drugstore polish for the past few months.  I need to go back to my online shopping.  I can only buy online.  My girlfriend feeds my drugstore habit.  This is going to be hard.  At least we have company.

    • Kaz

      Yep, I think a no buy is a good thing for all of us. I have plenty in my stash that I haven’t shared with you all. Probably six months worth!