Today is not a good day.

Well not so far anyway. I’m tired, I have a sinus headache and all I want to do is sleep. I’ve found myself in that boat a lot since the weather started to get colder. Sick enough to register that I am sick but not technically sick enough to stay in bed and fight it, low on energy and enthusiasm, a little depressed… I could go on, but I won’t. This post has a point, I swear.

So you’re probably thinking, Kaz, you have tagged this as a motivational post and all you’ve done so far is complain. YOu are correct. And also, shut up this is my blog.

It’s a fair call to think though that since I just told you that I am most likely depressed right now, that it probably isn’t the best time to write a motivational post. In fact, it’s probably THE OPPOSITE OF THE BEST TIME. But me being me, I’m just going to try to use one half of my brain to convince the other half of my brain that everything isn’t a bullshitty bullshitting bullshit flavour waste of my time. And yeah, I’m not signing this Dr. Kaz so take my ramblings with a grain of salt. Maybe something I’ve said will help. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’ve got to 250 words without mentioning perspective yet AT ALL. Here’s a dog with drawn on eyebrows.

It really gets my goat (or eyebrow dog) that we aren’t a nurturing society. We TOTALLY pretend to be, but we aren’t. Not at all. People live their lives behind a projected veil of deception designed to make other people feel inadequate. No one tells you how much effort there was behind their accomplishment, only the end result. Case in point, I officially HATE the term “Overnight Success”. I also hate the word superfood but that’s another blog for another day. There is NO SUCH THING as an overnight success. But for some strange ass backward reason, people like to think there is. People who achieve success want you to think that they did it easily. WHY? THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Honestly, nothing good happens without effort. There is no fad diet. There is no get rich quick scheme. There are no shortcuts, yet the world wants us to think there are. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Start recognising the path, the journey. We all know life and all it’s wonderful magic takes our solid involvement, so why don’t we stop bullshittiing everyone around us and just tell them it will be HARD but WORTH IT.

Perspective is something that is unique to all of us and it’s a shame we can’t share it so easily. We know what we’ve been through to get where we are, but not many other people do. I guess that’s what makes it so tempting to distort it and tell everyone around you how easy it was so they’ll all think you’re FUCKING AWESOME. No one wants to hear about the blood, sweat and tears. No one wants to hear about all the times you failed before you got it right. They’re just interested in the SWEET SWEET SUCCESS, RIGHT? Well I can’t speak for everyone, but not me. I want to hear the story. I want to hear the truth. I want to know that I’m not a freak because I didn’t get it right the first time either.

I’m still learning, I’m still failing. I’m still fucking up royally. I’m also still making progress and getting things right. It’s not easy at all, but I guess that’s the point. I appreciate what I have, who I am, what I have done. I embrace the fact that I have shit days (today) because that makes the good ones so much sweeter. I know that looking at my life from the inside on some days is fucking awful, but I also know that there are people out there who love me, think I’m awesome and strong and cool and together and you know what? Some days I am. You’ll never truly know how the world looks at you so we all need to stop trying to control it and project what we want everyone else to see.

We are all crazy bullshit mega awesome in our own ways. We have our own strengths and talents. I can guarantee you that even if you think everything sucks, there is someone out there who thinks that your life is the bomb. Maybe they can’t have kids and you do? Maybe you have a career that they know they would enjoy? Maybe you rock that pair of jeans better than they do. It’s okay to be envious of other people, it helps us aspire to be better – but so few of us seem to realise that while you might think someone else is the ants pants, someone else might actually think that about you!


If this incoherent babbling leaves you with anything today, please let it be this: Someone loves you. Someone thinks you are amazing. You may not know it, but they do. Someone likes your smile. Someone thinks you’re talented. Someone thinks you have great legs. Someone thinks you are great at your job.

Someone out there wishes they were like you.

So just be you.

Don’t disappoint them.

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  • Kristy


    Inspiring post <3

  • Vanessa Yardley

    Sooo needed this right now. YOU are awesome 🙂 *hugs* *metal guitar riff*

  • I love you, Kaz!

  • Rebecca Lavender-Roberts

    Yeh I think you’re awesome 🙂
    because you showed me a dog with drawn on eyebrows 😀

  • Alison Rose Levy

    When I saw on a blog roll that Kaz at Pretty Random was offering “perspective,” I just bypassed all those shiny colors of the other posts to come right here because I knew I would find something better than beautiful colors artfully applied– a person who can be counted on to be real and honest no matter what. And that’s you, Kaz. In my real life, my sweetie and all my friends are very much “warts and all.” We are the people we can count on when the going gets rough and we can say or do what we need to and be accepted. And that is what friends are. You have the qualities of real friendship, the most precious gift of all, and thank you for sharing that. We live in a time when a lot of rough things are going down. Some of us are feeling it now and others are buffered today and may have to face it later. So anyone aware of this who reaches out to share is really helping everyone stay with it. There are projects I’ve put heart and soul into both on my own and with others, for the sake of this earth and we don’t know whether we will win the day or not. We live with the prospect of failure at every moment. So thank you for being real. Even in a nail forum. We all do kind of get to know each other a little bit even though we only see nails and not faces. ANd sometimes that anonymity of just looking at colors together is a relief from my day– and sometimes I want to know a little more about who people really are and how they are really dong so if someone is going through a time they can share rather than disappear. How is Steffels doing? What happened t Gabrielle Gaither? I am grateful that you tell us, Kaz. It’s kind and generous. In this world, the measures of success are way skewed but although it won’t keep cocoa on the table, you have the most essential form of success– being real to yourself and to others. Go in goodness and health.