Pretty Serious Into Dreams

Totally missed my usual weekend posts. Well, I was sick so it’s probably best I gave them a miss anyway. I’ll definitely catch up on the link love this weekend and I’ll make sure I have some killer new swatches for the SSP. But today, in honour of Pretty Serious breaking the 600 likes mark on Facebook (woohoo go us!) I unveiled the third of our six new shades – the beautiful purple glowy goodness of Into Dreams!

Pretty Serious Into Dreams

Well, that’s three now! You can see Claris here and Dream Delight here! Three and a mystery item to go! Exciting times ahead my friends!

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  • Kristy

    Such a rich purple shimmer! Hope you are feeling better 

    • Kaz

      I am, thank you doll!

  • Nixxy

    I want to bathe in it! 

    • Kaz

      LOL! It’s like Grimace purple!

  • Missy/Gnarly Gnails


    • Kaz

      Thanks love!

  • Stef

    Can’t waiiiiiitttt!

    • Kaz

      Yay! I can’t wait to see your perfect swatches! 😉

  • Jacqui

    AHHHH what a delicious glowy purple! 

    • Kaz

      Thanks doll!

  • Kaz

    Then my work here is done!