Pretty Serious ‘Share Us to Wear Us’ Competition!

Greetings pals and gals!

We had so much fun with the last Pretty Serious ‘Pin Us to Win Us’ Comp (congrats to Parisian Blue Sky on the win!) that we decided to throw together another competition for our Facebook Fans! This time, all you need to do is share this picture and you’ll go in the draw to win both the Tux and Forbidden Fruit Combos, consisting of nail polish, sparkle gloss and eye shadow in each shade! Seriously, could it get any easier?

There are a couple of small conditions though – the first being that you have to like us on Facebook. (We just broke 500 likes today! PARTYTIME EXCELLENT)

Secondly, when you hit share, make sure you share publicly! This is to make sure that we can see your entry. We’ve had quite a few shares that we can’t see so we want to make sure that everyone is entered in the comp and no one misses out on their chance!

We also shared a sneak peek of an item from our upcoming collection – our beautiful foily purple loose shadow – Into Dreams! I can’t give you a release date yet, but you can bet that when I have it, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

There also might be a couple of our new polish shades hiding in these two pics. CHEEKY!

The ‘Share Us to Wear Us’ comp runs until next Friday (the 20th July) closing at 6pm Sydney time. We’ll draw a winner soon after that! Good luck everyone!

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  • Diana Taylor

    Ahhh!  You have a stuffed Tux sitting next to a red hat in the picture… LOVE it!  

    • Kaz

      It warms my heart that someone picked that up <3

  • Kristy

    Can’t wait to see your new collection!

    • Kaz

      I can’t wait to show you guys!