Rudolph Mini Polish Set

There are a few things that REALLY make me feel like it’s Christmas. Blue twinkling lights, the smell of tinsel (it has a smell! I swear it does!!) and Christmas Specials. Most notably Yogi’s First Christmas and anything made by Rankin Bass. When I found this nail polish collection on eBay, you probably could have heard my squeal of delight from anywhere on Earth. NOTHING could have kept me from winning that auction.


Rudolph Mini Polish Set

It’s a good thing no one tried to outbid me, because I would have dropped some serious bank on these babies. Lucky for me, I picked up the set for less than 20 bucks including shipping from the US to my beautifiul sunburnt country.

Rudolph Mini Polish Set

Look how gorgeous the bottles are! Granted, they are more glass than polish, but I still think they are great. My only beef is the green being named Elf instead of Hermey and the blue being called Snowman instead of Bumble. But these are minor, nerdy gripes. The fact of the matter is I have a Rankin Bass Rudolph nail polish set. Life is fantastic.

Rudolph Mini Polish vs China Glaze

I can even overlook the fact that they aren’t just mini, they’re minute. They’re just too cute to get mad at. In any other circumstance I would be annoyed that something I loved so much had been whored out to consumerism to such a degree, but hey – it’s the successful amalgamation of two of my favourite things. No bitching here.

Snowman Mini Polish Santa Mini Polish

Snowman (Or Bumble, as it should be called) is a gorgeous, dense blue glitter with sparse gold flecks throughout. It’s not unlike OPI Absolutely Alice, BYS Through The Looking Glass or Nails Inc Goodge St. The glitter is finer though and the gold less prominent. I really love this one a lot. I love the Bumble too.

is a bit of a let down. I feel bad saying that. I hope I still get presents next year! I did an initial swatch on my naked nail, but the Santa polish was almost invisble. Here I layered it over China Glaze Snow, and you can just see it. I would have liked it to me a little more opaque.

Clarice Mini Polish Rudolph Mini Polish

Clarice is another highlight of the collection. It’s a beautiful, vibrant neon pink with tiny silver microglitter throughout. My picture doesn’t do it justice – it doesn’t look at all as bumpy as it does in the photo. It’s smooth with a little bit of sparkle – and every bit as pretty as Clarice herself.

Rudolph, unfortunately, is another let down. From the looks of the bottle I had assumed the base would have been tinted red but it’s just red glitter in a clear base. The glitter isn’t dense enough to get total nail coverage either. Such a shame. Rudolph certainly deserves a better polish than that! I would have liked to have seen a red version of the Snowman polish, with the tiny gold flecks throughout. To make matters worse, Rudolph was also spelled wrong. πŸ™

Elf Mini Polish

Finally, I left my favourite until last! Elf (or Hermey) is a gorgeous emerald green jelly, with stacks and stacks of bright green microglitter! This is amazing! I need a vat of this colour! I was absolutely bowled over when I put it on my nails. Whichever polish company is responsible for this mini set – I neeeeed a full size bottle of Elf! STAT!

Being after Christmas, I’m not sure if this set is still available. But if you see it anywhere, do not hesitate! It has a few hiccups (Rudolph and Santa) but I believe that the whole collection is worth the price for the green alone! And it’s just too adorable to pass on!

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  • Nixxy

    Sooo ridiculously cute they can only be called “prosh” πŸ™‚

    • Kaz

      Prosh?? They are indeed ridonkulously cute πŸ˜€

  • L.

    OMG these are so cute

    • Kaz

      I know! I don’t care that they are so teeny!

  • these are ΓΌber-cute…. the spelling of rudolph might have a german touch because in german it’s spelled with an f instead of the ph

    where’d you buy them?

    • Kaz

      Oh yeah! I never even thought of that! These might have originated from a Euro country and they just changed the outer packaging for the US Market.

      I picked these up on eBay a few weeks ago.

  • Meg

    Those are too cute!! Clarice is my fave.

    • Kaz

      I’ll have to get a better shot of it. Maybe in the sun. The teeny silver sparkle is beautiful.

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  • those bottles are too cute ?

    • Kaz

      I know! I still want full size ones though!

  • emmablossom

    If I time travelled back to 1987, 5-year-old me would kick your arse for those.

    • Kaz

      Dude, I could totally take you in 1987. Bring it.

  • Kaz

    OH!! They need a whole other collection for the misfit toys! That would be awesome!

  • Kaz

    THANK YOU!! Everyone thinks I am crazy when I say tinsel has a smell. It does!! I just checked out your blog! WOW!! Great polishes!

  • Kaz

    Yes you might be right there! Elf is AMAZING. I was so happy with it!

  • Lucy

    These are just too damn cute! I didn’t even know something like these existed. They could have gotten the names right! They are so darn tiny though. When I was working at the Post Office awhile ago people were hired for temporary Christmas help. Well this guy came in and he wore his hair exactly like Hermey’s and he looked like him. I almost fell on the floor and had to go ask someone who he reminded them of. Yep, everyone said Hermey. We always called him Hermey but not to his face.

    • Kaz

      Hahaha! That’s great ! A real life Hermey!! I bet he got that a lot at Christmas!

  • Kaz

    Those are the best two IMO!!

  • Kaz

    Hrm you might be on to something there! They would sparkle nicely on the tree!