Saturday Swatch Party

SSP makes a triumphant return! I know it’s technically Sunday, but I’m sure it’s still Saturday somewhere in the world, and considering that Monday is a public holiday here in Sydney this still counts as a Saturday of sorts. Enough of my excuses though, here’s some pretty pictures. YES! I actually did new swatches! Hurrah!

Essence All Access Misa Spinning Out Of Control

Essence All Access, Misa Spinning Out Of Control

Dreams Glamtastic BYS Blue Hawaii

Dreams Glamtastic, BYS Blue Hawaii

Revlon No Shrinking Violet Sally Hansen Jealous Frost

Revlon No Shrinking Violet, Sally Hansen Jealous Frost

Ulta3 Pacific Fever Loreal 732

Ulta3 Pacific Fever, Loreal 732

P2 Viibrant Green Revlon Carbonite

P2 Viibrant Green, Revlon Carbonite

Maybelline Night Affair Milani Silver Dazzle

Maybelline Night Affair, Milani Silver Dazzle

Any of you ever owned a Siamese cat? So adorably dumb. This lil guy isn’t mine, but I used to own a Tonkinese just as crazy! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Kristy

    Really beautiful swatches

    Oriental cats are so adorable!

  • Lucy

    Fantastic bunch of polish that I want! I did own a Siamese when I was a kid.  She got out when she was in heat & you know the story.  Adorable kittens but she went nuts.  Gave all the kittens to family & had to take the Mother to the shelter.  We didn’t know what else to do with her.  I didn’t have the option of a vet then.  My family barely had the money to get ourselves to the doctors.  She was a beauty but crazy.  That cry when she was in heat was deafening!

  • I’m the hooman of this mad cat! Her name is Agata and she’s really lovely. @2626cdf81df03f0c7a4c4a0b547e7942:disqus the rug is a kilim. 🙂

    • Kaz

      Aww thanks for commenting! Your cat is beautiful!!!

  • Kaz

    It was gifted by a friend, but I’m pretty sure she bought hers online.