Saturday Swatch Party

Well my grand plan of posting daily this week kind of fell apart, but I did okay compared to usual standards! I’ve been working hard with Pretty Serious and I am so excited with the awesome stuff we have up our sleeves for the rest of the year. The hardest part is definitely keeping quiet! I did manage to swatch some new polishes this week, so enjoy!

Catherine Arley 801 Etude House BL505

Catherine Arley 801, Etude House BL505

Impala Army Na Mira 3D Nicole Count On Me

Impala Army Na Mira 3D, Nicole Count On Me (over Essie Splash of Grenadine)

Essie Splash of Grenadine W7 Teal

Essie Splash of Grenadine, W7 Teal

Essie Pretty EdgyClaire's Green Confetti

Essie Pretty Edgy, Claire’s Green Confetti (over Essie Pretty Edgy)

OPI Danke-shiny RedPretty Serious Morning Java

OPI Danke-shiny Red, Pretty Serious Morning Java

Sally Hansen Tinsel Essence Ready For Action

Sally Hansen Tinsel, Essence Ready For Action

Very true. Don’t be a dick, people.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  • Kristy

    Gorgeous swatches, I can’t choose a favourite

    • Kaz

      Aww thanks lovely!

  • Kaz

    Hmm, I have no idea! I was lucky enough to find a Brazilian buddy to swap with!

    • Mary Barnes

      Aww, I was afraid of that.

  • Ummmmmm I NEED Tinsel! That Catherine Arley is fantastic! I <3 your SSP!

    • Kaz

      Aww thanks doll! I’ll try and keep it up!