Saturday Swatch Party

So… long time no see. I think I want to give this blogging thing a crack again. No promises, but what better way to kickstart things than with a Saturday Swatch Party!? These are older swatches, but hey I haven’t blogged in forever so they might be new to some people.

Revlon Magical OPI Swimsuit, Nailed It!

Revlon Magical, OPI Swimsuit, Nailed It!

Revlon Mesmerized Sinful Colors Color Scare

Revlon Mesmerized, Sinful Colors Color Scare

Color Club Ruby Slippers Savvy Green Tea Martini

Color Club Ruby Slippers, Savvy Green Tea Martini

Petites Daze China Glaze Riveting

Petites Daze, China Glaze Riveting

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract 13 Depend 313

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract 13, Depend 313

Calvin Klein Madly Mauve Ulta3 Enchanted

Calvin Klein Madly Mauve, Ulta3 Enchanted

Kick it! Happy weekend everyone!

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  • Kristy

    O M G Revlon Mesmerized

  • Carli

    Welcome back! Bout time!