We Interrupt Your Scheduled Post for Some Stuff That Doesn’t Make Sense

So today I was going to do up a post with my three Rescue Beauty Lounge Glitters. But on second thought I decided that I didn’t like my swatches. My Locavore looks good, but I need to re-do the two others. I’ve actually been sitting on them for the past two weeks, but never got there. I guess in my heart I knew they were sub par.

Claires Jazz

So here’s me modelling Claire’s Jazz instead. Funny story about Jazz. I had wanted it for years. Seen swatches of it, drooled. Lusted. Etc. Claires (and Icings) are hard to come by if you don’t have a store close by, and when they are gone, they’re gone. Jazz is probably about three years old. Maybe older. Long gone. I took it off my wishlist (because I’m a bit of an organisational freak like that). Two days later, it arrived with a package from the lovely KonadTheBarbarian. Crazy. I love that gal.

Last night I had a really weird dream that I was watching (or was I on?) some terrible MTV Hills-Esque reality show. Jesse Bradford was also in this dream. He was this faux-gay guy, who was trying to convince everyone he was gay, but I knew that he wasn’t. How? I don’t know. But he wasn’t gay. I have no idea why he wanted everyone to think he was gay. He was trying to launch his pop music career and believed Britney Spears was sabotaging him. I was tring to convince him that he had made dodgy contacts and his agent was to blame.

Jesse Bradford

(Shame on me for princessing Jesse Bradford up. He’s actually really hot. :drool: Funny thing is, while I may have added the hearts and stuff, I had nothing to do with that shirt.)

But THEN, a bunch of catty girls arrived and wanted to start a bitch fight. It was then that we discovered that we all had mutant super powers. THEN SHIT GOT REAL! :pulp:

Flame On!

Is it just me, or would you watch The Hills if they were having epic battles to the death and they could shoot laser beams from their eyes? I would. MTV? Are you listening? (I looooove Picnik! If you have flickr, try it! As you can see, I use mine for evil and not good.)

Then I woke up with all sorts of theories on higher brain function and why we can only use such a small percentage of our brains. I’ll bore you all with that when I’m bored another day. :teach:

CM Midnight Impostor

This is CM Midnight Impostor. Imposter? Impostorrr? I can’t help but hear Electric Six when someone mentions this polish. “It was… THE IMPOSTORRR!” I love NightSky polishes. There’s two versions of this, I’m pretty sure. The other is more purple? I think? CM kinda messed it up. But I love CM. I’d cut a bitch for Enchanted Forest. :choo:


This is where I take my photos. I used to have the whole lightbox “outer” doobie-hickie set up too, but I got lazy and now I just use the backing. Pics still come out good. LOL You can totally see a Freddy Glove and a My Pet Monster DVD set in the background. I’m a weird girl.

China Glaze Glitters

Wow, these China Glaze glitters are the shizzle. If you skipped them, shame on you. I have a bunch of them I need to try. I think I’ll try Atlantis next. 1. It’s Glitter. 2. It’s HOLO Glitter. 3. It’s green. 4. I recently discovered Stargate Atlantis (late to the party AGAIN). 5. Joe Flanigan is kind of a robo-babe. He’s magically babe-licious. If he were president, he’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.

Joey Jo Joe Shabadoo

I’m hungry, so I’m going to go eat my banana.

Once again. Not a euphemism.


Yellow. Delicious.

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  • Your posts are so epic awesome. Omg, the random gives me joy. And Joe is fiiiiine.

  • Nixxy

    I very much want to see the next episode of “Shit Gets Real” 😀

  • You are officially hilarious. We need more random posts like this!

  • emmablossom

    Dreams can be farked up, man. I love how the most random shenanigans occur, and your brain goes ‘Of course!’ ‘Of course Jesse Bradford is in my dream!’ ‘Of course random hot chicks turn up!’ ‘Of course we all have super powers!”Of course i know he’s acting gay, but is really straight!’

    Makes perfect, logical, sequential, Richard Dawkins-esque sense. Of course!

  • melissa

    That was most enjoyable to read… Eyes hanging out of my head, but smiling to myself… Randomly Awesome.. would have to be the best blog I’ve read of yours…. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    Double thumbs up for the Wayne’s World pick up!!!!!

  • amberski

    I love your random-ness! You are soo funny! Joe Flanagan is the ONLY reason I consent to sitting through Stargate Atlantis with DH (ok, I love Ronin too…)

  • Mariana

    ohhhhhh please please pleaseeeeee post the brain function stuff one day! i love you posts! they make my day n_n

  • If he was president…HAHAHA. I love Wayne’s World. Rocks! I’m so tempted to put the bouncing dragon in here, just because. So. :bounce:
    I have Atlantis, but I don’t have the …Lilac and the …Green Apple? ones. I keep meaning to add them whenever I place an order, but I keep forgetting I want them. I loved most of the glitters I got from that collection, though!
    I was wondering how your setup looked for taking such lovely photos. Thank you for sharing that!
    Now I’m going to need that CM polish. Instant lemming.