Scrangie Is Made Of Awesome And Win

Girl just sent me THE most amazing package! I still can’t believe how much was in there!

Goldie Set
Goldie Set

Goldie Set
Goldie Holo Set

Hard Candy Set
L to R: Trailer Trash, Angel, Earth, Stop, Scam, Vinyl, Vibe

Claires Dreamcatcher, Chunky Blue, Chunky Green

Hot Topic & Lancome
Hot Topic Iridescent Purple & Lancome Lizzie Jagger

Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Pompous Plum Frost, Gold Digger Frost, Zesty Ginger Frost

Maybelline Bronze Beam & Pink Stars

Massini Purple Medallion, Slammin Red & Unnamed Blue

Blue Cross Ornaments
Blue Cross Ornaments

Now as is the polish in itself wasn’t enough, the box was also filled with all sorts of cool extras. Awesome Japanese mini fast food erasers, little polish stickers, yummy sugar cookie tea and these badass earrings!

Living in a warm climate, we celebrate Christmas with barbecues and swimming pools, so Scrangie even included two tubes of instant snow – one for my boyfriend who mentioned to her that he had never seen snow. So thoughtful!

But then I found the box. :))


What’s in the box?



I didn’t get the Metalocalypse reference at first, BUT then it clicked and I haven’t stopped giggling since. And I opened this box about five hours ago. *giggle*

A huge thanks to Scrangie, for not only being one of the awesomest chicks I have the pleasure of calling a friend, but for also putting in so much effort with her amazing, informative and lemming inducing blog. Scrangie’s blog was one of the first I started reading and I joined the NB soon after. Thanks for being my gateway, doll, and also thanks for sharing your love of DC’ed drugstore brands with me! If you like what I sent you even half as much as I love all of this, then I will be satisfied! 😀

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  • Nixxy

    Holy crap, what a haul!!!!!! I think I just blew a circuit…

  • Dude, man, your gift was like, the gift of the century! I still feel like I’m dreaming when I look at it! Makes my heart skip a beat! :laa:

    I’m so so happy you liked what I picked out hehe :danceh: (I like that guy lol)


  • I totally worded that wrong. lol. “Your gift” = the one you sent me. BEST PRESENT EVAR!!!!! EEEEEEEKKk

  • My Lord, what an amazing haul. Scrangie = new, and totally more hip Santa. 😀

  • IceRozie

    (i like him too)
    I have promised to do this every time I see Massini slamming red so here goes (plus you have these fun emoticons
    go Meijer’s go Meijer’s go Meijer’s!!


    Michigan for the win!:bounce:

    loverrrrly!! and 10 cheers for Scrangie!
    because Dana from MI gifted me this beauty!!

  • Kaz

    That’s pretty crazy Rozie!

  • :dance:
    Scrangie is awesome and so are you, K!
    What a neat package!