Yeah, I’m still germ infested. Sexy I tell ya. I’m a vision of beauty, if you like mucous.

I made the mistake of having an action packed weekend instead of one where I curled up in bed weeping quietly and cursing the gods for influenza. But even though I feel like crap today, I had a pretty awesome weekend. I managed to fit in a visit from my younger brother & indian food, a psychic/spiritual expo (wherein I got a really awesome kit kat and the most prolifically dodgy psychic reading known to man), teppanyaki lunch, visited friends, cooked a mean roast for some other friends, watched Nightmare on Elm Street on Blu-Ray, went car shopping and then to a German Restaurant for dinner. It really is no wonder I’m still sick. I’m going to go home and have a nap before dinner tonight I think.

Snapped a dodgy myspace-esque self photo in the car on Saturday. A bit blurry because I took it with my phone, but you get the deal. I was particualrly thrilled with my eye makeup that day. Soft Neutrals and a dramatic cat eye with nothing on the lower waterline. You can tell I’m sick though because my eyes look like they are retreating back into my head. That sunken eyeball look… so hot right now. I also have a freckle on my nose that simply REFUSES to be covered by any form of concealer. That thing is freaking magical. But evil magic. Black magic. Stupid freckle.

Also, we finally picked up the new addition to the family on Friday. Allow me to introduce you to Beetlejuice aka The Beej.



Beej is so teeny and cute, but he’s going to grow into a big boy – he’ll be just as big as Shlong. Beej is an Atherton Jungle Python. Rare, super expensive, but ten kinds of awesome. When he’s a big boy, he’s going to look like this:

Black & White!! Awesome! In the first pic you can also get a glimpse of my boyfriend’s ridiculously perfect nails and long nail beds. I hate him.

I have OPI Vampire State Building on my nails, but hopefully I will be changing it today as it’s all chipped. Thinking about giving this combo a go again. Maybe topping it with Atlantis. Okay, okay no Atlantis. I am aware that I have an Atlantis problem. I need an intervention. Or not. Move along. Nothing to see here. :hehe:

CND Sapphire Sparkle over China Glaze Let's Groove
CND Sapphire Sparkle over China Glaze Let’s Groove

CND Sapphire Sparkle over China Glaze Let's Groove
CND Sapphire Sparkle over China Glaze Let’s Groove

Well, almost time for home. Catch you all tomorrow.

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  • My boyfriend says to say that your python is awesome and it reminds him of the one he had as a child. Now he is begging me to get him a python again. If I get puppy and he gets a snake and the snake eats my puppy I’m going to blame you for giving him the idea 😛
    Feel better soon!! <3

  • Nixxy

    Heh – your version of “sick” looks like my version of “normal”!
    So did the psychic tell you anything interesting? My only close encounter with one was at a beauty expo I was dragged to. She was sitting at a table dressed in a purple sequined cape edged with the finest synthetic ermine. My friend was trying to get me to go over. I told her if there was anything someone dressed in a sequined cape had to tell me about my life, I didn’t want to know about it 😉

  • Hello, My name is Elizabeth and I have an Atlantis problem. (hi Elizabeth!)
    Today, we have a new member in our group. I’d like to introduce Kaz. Tell us your story Kaz…How did Atlantis draw you in and make you it’s slave? :tomato:
    Great mani, hope you feel better soon!! (I just bought a back up bottle of Atlantis and am seriously considering getting another.)

  • melissa

    Hey Kaz… U look ok to me 😉
    Pretty good for feeling Blurghhhh!!!
    Hope ur feeling better soon so u can see ur neices and nephews.. Oh and me and Dom too x3
    Loves u xoxoxoxoxo

  • emmablossom

    You are the eyeliner queen! Maybe one day when I’m a grown-up I’ll be able to wield an eyeliner brush too…

  • Rachna

    You look beautiful even when sick 😀 lucky!

  • You have a pet called Shlong? I’m disturbed and impressed all at once.

    On the bright side, it’s Young Ones’ night!

  • Kaz

    Violet – We have three snakes now and they are great pets!! I promise they won’t eat a puppy!

    Nixx – Oh trust me when I say I know there are some dodgy readers out there. A very good friend of mine is an excellent psychic, she would blow your mind – but these people were hacks. She told me I wasn’t coming home from this London trip and that I was going to travel Europe and become a movie director. WTF man?

    Elizabeth – LOL! Your secret is safe with me! So when are these AA meetings again? (Atlantis Anonymous). I’ll bring cake! :awe:

    Mel – I miss you! Can’t wait to see everybody, but I don’t want to bring this flu near the bub. Sooooon! <3

    Emma – I will teach you, young Jedi. The force is strong in this one…

    Rachna – Thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say! 😀

    Jacie – Yeppers! Sure do! He’s a big ass python! His name allows for all sorts of hilarious jokes about holding and touching Shlongs. And it’s Young Ones night? Really? How? Where? Can I come? :hehe:

  • If you get ABC2, it’s on every Tuesday night at 8.00pm. This week, it was Bomb. The best thing about Young Ones Night is that my 4.5 year old LOVES it. So I now have a friend to watch it with.

  • Kaz

    Jacie – Oh yes I do and I didnt know that! Sweet!