Something Old, Something New

No, no. Not getting married. My brain is just the consistency of that pink stuff from Ghostbusters 2 and it was the absolute best I could come up with for a snappy title for this post. With this level of creativity I should just stop writing right now and save you all the pain of my mind numbing dribble. But I feel that if I can bang out a blog entry, this day won’t have been totally wasted in a haze of advil and despair, so you’re going to have to just deal with me.

Or, you know, close the browser or something.

A few days after I came back from my UK trip I ventured into Target and discovered a wealth of new Chi Chi information. Pretty sad that first hand retail experience at Target is my only source of information on the brand, but their website sucks and I’m pretty sure their contact email address is just for decoration, or their customer service department is manned by my Dad who doesn’t know how to turn on a computer.

Chi Chi Moondust (Old) Chi Chi Moondust (New)

Firstly, the bad news. I can indeed confirm that Moondust has a new formula. Moondust always danced that fine line between blue and purple (especially in photographs), but now it is most definitely purple. The jelly formula isn’t as nice either. It’s thinner, making the silver glitter appear more chunky and the finish rough. You can see from the left pic of the original formula that the finish is smoother than the new formula purple version. I don’t know why I am so disappointed. There are so many blue jelly “night sky” polishes out there, but very few purple jelly glitters so this should be a good thing. But I guess the old one was just so much prettier. If you see the blue one, snap it up quickly. I can’t imagine that there are many more left out there.

Apart from changing Moondust, there are also a bunch of new colours. But at $12.95 a pop, I’m waiting for a sale before I pick any up. Next time they are B2G1F or something of that manner I will definitely be picking up Mortisha (Black Creme) and Wednesday (Steely metallic black with slight blue green shimmer). I have noticed a change with their labels too – the new items all say “Salon Formula” on the front. Not sure if this is a new package design, or if it’s just the new shades.

Chi Chi Show Me The Money Chi Chi Fashionista

Now on to the good news. Chi Chi have a whole new line of mini polishes in a rainbow of colours! I’ll have to go back and buy a shit ton more get a photo of the display so you can all see. Some of their core line has made it into mini form, but for the most part, it’s new colours, like these two above. But the best part? The price. Only $4.95! A lot better than the $12.95 price tag on the full size bottles – especially if you are just interested in trying the brand out. Unfortunately, there’s no Moondust mini… yet.

But yes, the colours! Obviously, the first one I was drawn to was Show Me The Money. It’s a lovely dark forest green with the slightest of blue shimmer. Very pretty and very unique. Fashionista is a bright cerulean blue which amazed me so much more on the nail than it did on the bottle. My boyfriend picked it out, and I thought it was pretty enough so I bought it. But when I put it on the nail? Wow. It’s almost neon it’s that bright. Formula on both these polishes was great and I will definitely be picking up more of these mini Chi Chi’s – especially the other green shades.

Now finally, some more bad news. Rimmel has discontinued the following shades.

Rimmel Forest Rimmel Blue Me Away

Sadly, Forest and Blue Me Away are no more. These are probably my two favourite Rimmel polishes in the world, so of course they would be discontinued. Check your bargain bins at Target – that’s where I found these (and bought my backups). I asked the sales lady why they were reduced and she said they didn’t sell well. This is absolute bollocks because I know that a number of times when I was doing CP’s for girls and I went looking for Forest, it was usually the only slot in the display that was empty. Never the less, it’s kaputsky now so if you see it, grab it.

And if you aren’t sold on the delicious blurple-ness of Blue Me Away, check out the pink shimmer.

Rimmel Blue Me Away

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  • it’s odd because they are still selling blue me away but re-formulated it, a non-shimmer, more purple version of it (and labled with the number 810- at least there’s an indication unlike other companies *shakes fist at opi with their 100000 MPJ-versions* )

    • Kaz

      I think that one is Blue My Mind. Very close in name and colour – just no shimmer 🙁

  • Kaz

    I know! I am glad I grabbed some backups!

  • Kaz

    There is a similar Rimmel shade called “Blue My Mind” which is a similar blue, but it’s just a creme. Maybe they sent you that one by mistake?

  • Kaz

    I know! There are plenty of other far less exciting shades!

  • Jackie S.

    Moon Dust is very pretty!

    Blue me away is gorgeous!

    • Kaz

      Thank you! They are both great!

  • konadlicious

    I never saw Blue my mind in the Rimmel displays…will have to go search for it now.

    I did have a bargain catch of the millenium with Forest last week at my local Target. They were having a sale on…can’t remember, $4 off the whole Rimmel line??….anyway I grabbed the last 2 bottles of Forest and at the checkout they scanned for……1 cent each!!! I ran back and grabbed every bloody bottle in the display but the rest scanned at $1.95 so I didn’t bother!

    • Kaz

      Nice score!!!! I think I got my reduced one for $1.88, and I was pretty happy with that. I could have been dancing if it rang up as one cent!

  • Lucy

    I’ll have to check those out. I hope I can find the Rimmel’s. They our gorgeous.

    • Kaz

      They sure are! I still can’t believe those are the ones to be discontinued!

  • Beauty

    Have you ever tried ??

    • Kaz

      Even though this is spam, I will publish this comment because your product is an interesting one.

  • Kaz

    That’s such a shame! Why did they have to go and change it!

  • Kaz

    I’ve been on the lookout too! It’s like they all disappeared. 🙁

    That’s awesome that you’re so strong about not buying animal tested products. In this day and age there is just no reason for it, and it needs to be outlawed altogether.

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  • Do you paint on your natural nails? They look amazing everytime!

    • Kaz

      I do! Thank you very much!

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