Something Special โ€“ Morpheus Unlabelled Green

A few months back Emma and I decided to scour the local nail salons in search of treasure. We dragged our not-so-polish crazed friend Mich along for the journey too (and she did wonderfully. We are also slowly converting her to our crazed ways of nail polish appreciation). While nail polish as a general rule is quite expensive in Australia – we did manage to find a few bargains, along with a couple of items I’ve never seen before.

Apart from the horrible bitchy nail tech who wouldn’t sell me Color Club Neon Teal (if someone breaks into the nail salon on Dumaresq Street I SWEAR it wasn’t me) we had a great day. Mainly because I found this:

Morpheus Unlabelled Green

The brand is called Morpheus. The bottle has no number or name on it anywhere. I cannot find any information on the brand AT ALL. We found it in a little nail salon at the back of an arcade towards the quiet end of the main shopping street. The woman had a bunch of colours which she was more than happy to sell to us for a mere $5.00 each, provided they weren’t used. This one wasn’t. There were a few other amazing duochromes there – including some that match my Ozotics and one that might just be a dead ringer for my bottle of MAC Chroma Purple Python.

Morpheus Unlabelled Green

While we are on the topic of the MAC Chroma polishes from the infamous Snake Eyes collection – I believe this colour to be a bang on dupe for MAC Chroma Green Garter, which you can see in this post from Wixology. I have a full on robot chubby for the MAC Chroma polishes, and finding this Morpheus green is 99.8% as awesome as if I had found my very own bottle of Green Garter. Wow, step on in grammar police, because that sentence is godawful. BUT I’M THAT EXCITED.

Morpheus Unlabelled Green Morpheus Unlabelled Green

The tech at the Salon couldn’t give us any info on the brand either – all she knew is that she ordered them from her supplier a long time ago, and that they were discontinued. The bottles are the same as the old China Glaze Gold Diggin Divas, Coral Reef and the original Wizard of Ooh Aahz. (Pretty sure there was also one with Coffee themed names which totally escapes me right now). I’ve also seen these bottles used by other brands such as Tami and Cele, but I’ve never heard of or seen Morpheus again.

Morpheus Unlabelled Green Morpheus Unlabelled Green

The duochrome (multichrome?) colour shift in this polish is nothing short of amazing, and I do wish I had been able to find matches for Chroma Sinful Serpent and Chroma Copper Cobra. I’ll keep hunting for info on the Morpheus brand, but I have a feeling that this one will forever be a mystery…

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  • EvilAngel

    OMG…must have gorgeous green duochrome shiny! *dies*

    • Kaz

      Indeed! I’m so thrilled to have found it!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh it’s gorgeous! Must find :)

    Morpheus, and the colour = The Matrix. Awesome.

    • Kaz

      I hope I can find out more about them. Perhaps a trip back to the salon is in order!

  • Nixxy


    • Kaz

      Please to wipe up your drool on the way out. Thanks!

  • Tjoyu


    • Kaz

      Agreed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Scrangie


    Why don’t they make them like that anymore? We would totally buy them! WAAAH!

    • Kaz

      Can you imagine the hysteria if the NB had been around when prisms were released? Some company needs to do it again. China Glaze always listens. Maybe I need to write them another letter.

  • Lucy

    That green is tremendous! I don’t own the Mac but I would love to. I need that polish.

    • Kaz

      I only have one of the four MAC’s but I want the rest for sure!

  • emmablossom

    We have to do it again soon! I found you a treasure yesterday. It’s only half a bottle of treasure, but I know you’ll care for it and love it just as much as you do your other stinky polish babies.

    • Kaz

      I’m intrigued! Of course I love all my stinky babies! And I love you too! ;D

      • emmablossom

        We have a numbah! It’s 205. Look out Morpheus, I am all up in your shit now.

        • Kaz

          You and me and some cash are gonna team up and ransack that warehouse, you dig? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kaz

    Me too! I really hope I can find some more!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    OMFG THAT IS HAAAAWWWWWTT!!!! Great find!! My mouth is literally on the floor!!!!!

    • Kaz


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  • S.

    do you think it’s similar to Chemisty #507? :)

    • Kaz

      I think it’s exactly the same. Probably bottled by the same parent company.

  • Kaz

    Yep, it’s the same colour.

    No problem, I can do that. Shoot me an email so that I don’t forget, though.

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