This Is What A Full Set Of Spectacular Rocky Horror Nail Polish Looks Like

I’m super busy today and I haven’t had a chance to swatch anything new (haha not really new but you get me) but I did have a few minutes to snap some pics of my incredible NOW COMPLETE Spectacular Rocky Horror Nail Polish collection, thanks to the wonderful Hannah from Polly Polish who helped me get the last two that I needed – Columbia and Janet Schmanet.

Spectacular Rocky Horror Nail Polish - Pretty Random

These were on this years yearly wish list and I was super chuffed when I got to cross them off. I remember seeing the tiny pic of them on many years ago and setting up an eBay search, never really expecting to see any of them. They had been created as merchandise for the stage show in the 90’s. Plus they were only in the UK. I expected them to be rarer than hens teeth – and for years that proved to be true. Not a single sign of any of them on eBay. But then suddenly in the last 18 months, they seemed to start showing up out of nowhere. First I found Frank n Furter, then Rocky… then Riff Raff and Magenta. But the final two eluded me. That is, until now.

Spectacular Columbia Nail Polish - Pretty Random Spectacular Janet Schmanet Nail Polish - Pretty Random

Here’s some closeup bottle shots. First up, my two newest. Columbia is silver, gold and red bar glitter in a red jelly base. Janet Schmanet is plain silver and silver holo bar and hex glitter in a clear base.

Spectacular Riff Raff Nail Polish - Pretty Random Spectacular Magenta Nail Polish - Pretty Random

Riff Raff is silver holo bar glitter in a light blue jelly base. Magenta is multi coloured bar glitter in a dark pink jelly base.

Spectacular Rocky Nail Polish - Pretty Random Spectacular Frank n Furter Nail Polish - Pretty Random

Rocky is gold and silver bar and hex glitter in a clear base. Frank n Furter is my personal favourite – Silver hex glitter, and red, green and blue microglitter in a dark purple jelly base.

You can see a lot of these have been either used or evaporated. I’m not bothered – the fact that I even have them at all is incredible and finding brand new polishes at their age would be super difficult. The best place to look for these is eBay UK. Unfortunately unless you live in the UK, you might have trouble getting them to you since Royal Mail don’t allow nail polish to be shipped internationally. I got most of these for a few pounds so if you have a way to get them, they are cheap!

MAC are releasing a Rocky Horror collection in the near future too. If it’s half as good as these polishes I will need everything!

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  • damnfinecherrypie

    Yes! I actually had one of these back in the day. I think they came out in 97/98. Spectacular was such an awesome brand of that time. All of their polishes were super affordable for my 12 year old budget and they had the hugest colour selection of their time.

    I actually found the gold one on eBay about a year ago and didn’t purchase because I’m an idiot. I should have, just for nostalgia purposes!

    Love your blog and especially all of the vintage polish posts!

    • Kaz

      I’ve gathered a bunch of them now and I agree, the colours are amazing! It’s a shame the line isn’t around anymore.

  • I find it so cool that you managed to hunt those down! I would love to see swatches of them 🙂

    • Kaz

      I’ll get around to swatching these eventually, I just need more time!