Swatched! MAC Shimmerfish

Today I’ve swatched another of the three polishes from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection, the foily silver Shimmerfish. You might remember my review for Neptune was less than favourable – unfortunately I feel much the same about Shimmerfish. In fact, even despite the awesome packaging I think this one is going in the purge pile.

MAC Shimmerfish

Shimmerfish is a muted silver foil with copper flecks, which you might think you’ve seen somewhere before and you’d be right – to my eye it is completely identical to OPI Designer De Better from the 2011 Muppets Holiday collection. I don’t own it to compare (at least I don’t think I do, I’m not 100% certain) but if there is any difference at all, it might be slightly less copper? But that could also just be lighting.

MAC Shimmerfish

Formula was the same grainy weirdness that I had with Neptune, although given that this polish is a foil, I can kind of forgive that. It took three coats for opacity which I honestly thought should have been two. Not too sure if I am a fan of the brushed metal look – I definitely prefer my foils to be more on the sparkly side.

MAC Shimmerfish

That being said though, it’s by no means an ugly polish. As my pictures demonstrate. Can you tell that I am struggling to find enough words to fill this review? Pancakes. Pancakes pancakes pancakes. Strudel. Bagels. Baked goods. I think I am hungry.

MAC Shimmerfish

Shimmerfish. $17.50 from MAC. Unless you want the packaging I’d just buy the OPI.

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  • Dana

    What a bummer with the formulas. It is really really pretty though! It would be great for the holidays!

    • Kaz

      Haha which is probably why OPI did it for the holidays years ago!