Swatched! Manhattan 85

I don’t know why I continuously let this blog make me feel guilty when I fail to meet my post expectations, but I do. I know the only person who holds me to the daily post standard is myself and you all don’t care whether I post daily, weekly or whenever, just as long as I post! But since I committed to Green September and Halloween October, you’ll get those posts, no matter how long it takes me!

Manhattan 85 Green Nail Polish - Pretty Random

I gotta admit, I was a tad worried when I found Manhattan 85 in my stash the other week. I very vaguely remember picking it up from eBay UK before the Royal Mail crackdown, and then it somehow just ended up in a helmer drawer, forgotten about. What worried me is the fact that I potentially just paid out a lot of money for Streetwear Hippy Dippy and I had a dupe already hiding in my Helmer.

Manhattan 85 Green Nail Polish - Pretty Random

The good news is, while Manhattan 85 is close to Hippy Dippy, it’s not identical. I’ll compare the two later in the post. Manhattan (from what I can gather from Google) is a German drugstore brand, and sadly shade 85 is discontinued. Quick searches of other people’s blog posts about Manhattan 85 give me the name “Rainforest Green” and that it was still available in 2009 and had been for some time before that. I had a quick look on and although I couldn’t find a bottle, there was a lot of other Manhattan polish listed so it may be the place to keep an eye out.

Manhattan 85 Green Nail Polish - Pretty Random

Although Hippy Dippy it is not, Manhattan 85 is still ten kinds of awesome. The base is a light teal, filled with golden shimmer, giving the polish a slight multichrome effect on the nail when the blue and green starts to filter through the gold. Formula was a tad on the sheer side, and I used three coats.

Manhattan 85 Green Nail Polish - Pretty Random

I’d probably like it more to NYX Jungle than Streetwear Hippy Dippy, as you can see from the pics below, the base of Hippy Dippy is much brighter and more vibrant teal, but the shimmer is pretty much identical. Close, but not quite there. To be honest, I am pretty relieved about that!

Manhattan 85 Green Nail Polish - Pretty Random Streetwear Hippy Dippy Nail Polish - Pretty Random

If you aren’t super picky like me, Manhattan 85 (or NYX Jungle for that matter) could make a decent Hippy Dippy Dupe for a fraction of the price, but it’s a gorgeous polish regardless. As for Hippy Dippy… well we might just have to see what Pretty Serious can come up with in the new year…

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  • Goodlacknail

    yes, Manhatten is a german drugstore brand. they were really, really boring earlier, but in the last couple of years they have done their best to step up their game. There was even a blogger cooperation (with fashion and make-up bloggers, not nail polish bloggers, but it’s a start!) :)

    • Lou

      Ah yes, I just brought a load back from Vienna on a recent trip! Love those blogger collaboration ones. So wish I’d paid more attention last time I was in Germany!

      • Kaz

        Wow, if I ever make it to Germany I will know what to look for!

    • Kaz

      Wow, I’ll have to look into this brand some more!

      • amusedPolish

        I was probably released a bit over 10 years ago- still remember having it and loved wearing it and a fellow classmate asking me which shade exactly I bought/wore.
        Still sad though that I frankened with mine when I was in one of my big franken frenzies, need to look how much is still there and messed with it.

        • Kaz

          Thanks for the info! I’m so glad I grabbed this one. I hope you still have some left!

  • Kaz

    It is! This is my favourite kind of green.

  • Kaz

    Yes, I have a lot of really great NYX polishes. You should check them out!

  • Dana

    DAT BOTTLE SHAPE, YO! I love all dupes of our beloved Hippy Dippy. WHO DOESNT?!