Swatched! Naturistics Malachite Pearl

I have probably close to half a helmer drawer full of Naturistics polishes (or is it a drawer full now?) but I have actually swatched very few of them. I was working on cataloging a box of polishes that I have yet to put away and I spotted this one on the top of the pile. It’s pretty, it’s green, it’s old. It’s right up my alley.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl Naturistics Malachite Pearl

Much like yesterday’s Mythe, I have NFI how old Malachite Pearl is. A quick google search shows that probably one other person in the entire land of the internet owns it, and they didn’t seem to know how old it was either. Google image search is even worse, I just get pics from my own blog. I also don’t ever recall this brand being sold here in Australia so I can’t even date it from the fuzzy memories of my youth. I want to say mid to late 90’s but I could be horribly off with my estimation.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl

Malachite Pearl is a gorgeous jewel toned emerald with fabulous golden shimmer. I know that combo has been done to death, but as you can see from this polish, it’s a combo that works so they can keep on rollin’ ’em out as far as I am concerned.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl

Also not to be confused with Sally Hansen Malachite Pearl (although both brands are/were owned by Coty – I think Naturistics has been dead for a while), so as you can see the Pacific Blue fiasco isn’t the first time Sally has got all tricky and confusing on us.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl

The formula is thin, chemical laden and kind of amazing. It’s a lot like Cutex Camouflage and Artmatic Emerald City although a little more dusty and muted. But it’s that same kind of buildable shimmery green shade that just glows on the nail.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl

I picked this one up on the cheap with a bunch of other Naturistics but I gotta admit – while I was happy to add the others to the watch list for later, this was the one that got my eBay trigger finger itchy and I immediately hit Buy It Now.

And you know, polish can’t travel alone and all. #storyofmylife

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  • Dana

    I love these kinds of vintage greens. I need them all! I just swatched a bath and body works color drops polish in Clover that’s along the same lines. These swatches are gorgeous!

    • Kaz

      Ooh I cannot wait to see that!

  • I love this polish. I’m so glad I got most of these polishes in a random lot on eBay. Love, love, love!

    • Kaz

      It’s definitely a stunner! Nice score!