Swatched! Urban Decay Zodiac

UGH. I can’t believe it took me so damn long to get this polish! I’ve wanted it ever since I first glimpsed this amazing masterpiece of a swatch from Scrangie which makes mine look like gross amateurish finger painting in comparison (love you girl!). I am pretty sure that post of hers was when they were new, and time seems to be running away from me.

Urban Decay Zodiac

Regardless, I now have Urban Decay Zodiac in my possession (and Blackheart too… but that’s a post for another day!) so please forgive me for such a transgression, oh Nail Polish Gods, I promise I won’t pass on such awesomeness for so long ever again. And this polish is just that. FLIPPING AWESOME. If it were Pretty Serious, I would be so freaking proud. Well done, UD. You live up to your well deserved reputation.

Urban Decay Zodiac Urban Decay Zodiac Urban Decay Zodiac

While we are on the topic of reputation, let’s talk a little about quality and prestige. Urban Decay has it. In spades. For a brand that started as humbly as it did back the 90’s, on equal par with Hard Candy, it’s kind of crushing to see the enormous gap between the two brands today. Urban Decay is beautifully packaged (love love love how the name sticker on the box is the colour of the polish! It even has a metallic sparkle!) in gorgeous matte boxes with a flashy embossed foil UD logo. The box is double printed, with a green pattern on the inside. The caps are weighty and gorgeous. Metallic dark pewter with Urban Decay engraved in the side and a gorgeous looking skull adorning the top of the cap. The bottle is a nice shape, heavy glass and also has a foil UD logo on the side. It’s classy and perfect and a fabulous representation of how far the brand has come. Hard Candy on the other hand is now sold at Walmart. I haven’t even bought any of the new ones since the second Walmart bottle design. Do they even sell Sky anymore?

Urban Decay Zodiac

While UD don’t put a lot of focus on their nail range anymore, it’s clear that when they give it a crack, they do it RIGHT. Zodiac is everything I ever wanted in a polish. For starters, it”s green. Then they packed so much gorgeous shimmering flake into it that it’s amazing it’s not a gluggy mess. I can see gold, blue, green and pink and I don’t even have my glasses on. It’s nothing short of wonderful.

Urban Decay Zodiac

Another pleasant surprise was the formula. Like I said earlier, this polish is so packed with shimmer that I really wasn’t expecting great things, but it was a dream to work with. The base is a smoky forest green – a little sheer to help the polish shine through. But with a second coat it just evened right out perfectly. All my swatches are two coats. No comment on dry time because I removed it before it was dry.

Urban Decay Zodiac

I bought my pair from eBay but I am fairly sure Zodiac is still available from all the usual suspects (please correct me if I am wrong). And if you don’t have Zodiac, YOU NEED IT. And thus concludes my daily enabling. See you tomorrow!

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  • Goodlacknail

    Oh great, I was going to follow my brain, not my nails, and now what, I want this. 😀

    • Kaz

      You should grab it while you still can!

  • Lani Rowell

    Hnnnnggghhhh. This is. SO. PRETTY *wipes dribble*

    • Kaz

      It really is. Everyone needs to grab this. I think it will be very sought after when it’s gone.

  • Lou

    OOhh that is one hell of a yummy polish! Love it, looks great

    • Kaz

      It’s GORGEOUS. My pics do it no justice.

  • Dana

    I need to post my swatches I have chilling on my computer. Gorgeous, amazing polish.

    • Kaz

      Yes, do it! This polish is amazing.