Going for Gold

This unintentionally Olympic themed post is brought to you by my sudden …

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La La La Lancome!

Dudes. Seriously. I don’t know why Lancome polishes tickle my fancy so …

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Top 10 of 2010 Part 2

I don’t know about you guys, but the holiday season always seems …

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Some Old Lancome Stuff

May I present to you, Lancome Triple Tenue Duo Morphing kits in 01 Bleu and 03 Emeraude. After eons (minutes) of scouring the internet and eyeballing the boxes for any sign of a date, I can confirm that I have absolutely no clue when these were made. Just that they are old.

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Weekly Haul Pics and Some Swap Goodies

Well another week of this torturous no-buy has passed, and while I …

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Scrangie Is Made Of Awesome And Win

Girl just sent me THE most amazing package! I still can’t believe …

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