Top 10 of 2010 Part 1

Seems like everyone else is doing it, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon also. I’ve got a bunch of posts prepared for the coming week – a whole lot of Christmas stuff if you can believe it. I’m trying to convince myself that my reason for posting it after Christmas is because I am edgy and cool, but the reality is I am super lazy. That and the festive season is something of a time vampire. You don’t know where all your free time has gone, but something has sucked it away. Invisible, evil festive vampires.

So it’s Saturday, and this is the day that I would normally do a Saturday Swatch Party. But it’s also New Years Day, so I thought now would be a good time to share my favourite swatches of 2010. You might have seen some of these in entries throughout the year, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peep again, right? Here are my 2010 faves in no particular order.

Bloop H198

1. Bloop H198
Originally featured in this post, I picked up this amazing polish when I stopped over in Malaysia on my way to England. I am spewing that the rack was almost empty and that I couldn’t get my hands on more, because these worked out to be about $3 AUD each. It’s the most amazing green jelly filled with multicoloured glitter. I’ve found next to no info on the brand since I got home. I wish there was a way to buy more online!!

BYS Down The Rabbit Hole

2. BYS Down The Rabbit Hole
Originally featured in this post, Down the Rabbit Hole was part of the BYS Wonderland Collection. My picture does it no justice at all – it’s a gorgeous smoky black jelly with tons of holographic glitter scattered throughout. This one looks amazing in the sun and to top it all off, it’s Aussie!!

Nails Inc Eden Grove

3. Nails Inc Eden Grove
I was annoyed that I didn’t find any more crystal capped Nails Inc polishes while I was holidaying in the UK, but I have managed to pick up most of the ones I was after via eBay. Eden Grove is definitely one of my favourites. The formula is creamy and amazing and the colour is beautiful! The bejewelled cap just brings it all together!!

Glitter Gal Marine Blue

4. Glitter Gal Marine Blue
Originally featured in this post. Another little Aussie Gem. Glitter Gal came out with this shade earlier this year and it surpassed all my expectations. I love it more than I love my DS Glamour, and this one is still available! Glitter Gal always have excellent customer service too so I will be sure to order more shades this year!

Nails Inc Leicester St

5. Nails Inc Leicester St
Originally featured in this post. Yet another crystal capped Nails Inc polish, I just couldn’t not add it to this post. It’s just so pretty and it went on so well! I am really glad that the majority of the shades picked for the crystal collection are so appealing to me! I can’t wait to see what they come out with this year!

Well we’re five down now – I’ll be back with the rest tomorrow otherwise this post is going to take me forever and it’s time for dinner!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  • L.

    Excellent picks.

    • Kaz

      Thanks love!

  • Kaz

    It is! It really makes me wonder what other colours they have!

  • Kaz

    I can’t wait for you to get them too! You’re going to love the BYS I sent you!