Top 10 of 2010 Part 2

I don’t know about you guys, but the holiday season always seems to leave me feeling like a ginormous blob. All the eating of fabulous, fattening food, running around visiting family and friends, shopping, baking, wrapping, laughing, drinking… It’s a ton of fun, but it really is a lot to cram into a two week period. So here we are, the 2nd of January. I sit here contemplating taking down my Christmas tree and working off all the weight I have no doubt put on since the first glass of Egg Nog was thrust upon me last year.

But let’s get back to my polish faves for 2010. Continuing on from yesterday’s post:

Lancome Triple Tenue Gold 366

6. Lancome Triple Tenue Gold 366
Originally featured in this post. This polish was such an amazing surprise. When I bought it on eBay, I really was just expecting a gold glitter – but the fantastic golden flake polish that I got defied all my expectations. Lancome really outdid themselves with this one. I would love to see this in other colours. Green, blue and red!

Bloom Zooey

7. Bloom Zooey
There are a bunch of Bloom polishes that get talked up a lot – Mena and Bianca especially. I can’t deny that those two gorgeous shades deserve every bit of praise that they get, but I think that Zooey is unfairly overlooked. I think it’s amazing. Dense, steel grey glitter in a smoky grey jelly base. It even looks grey-blue in certain lights. It’s definitely not the straight up silver glitter that it appears to be.

Morpheus Unlabelled Green

8. Morpheus Unlabelled Green
I wrote up a whole post about this polish only recently, but I had to include it. I’m still so thrilled to own it and even more thrilled that it was better than I hoped it would be on the nail. I only wish that I could find more, or even just more information on the company that made it. This multichrome is just amazing.

China Glaze Pin Prick

9. China Glaze Pin Prick
Originally featured in this post. 2010 was a big year for red polishes for me. I discovered just how much I love red cremes and my love for true reds with gold shimmer didn’t dissipate at all either. Pin Prick is pretty much the perfect golden red. China Glaze has a lot of older reds that are just sensational and I can’t believe that Pin Prick was only just a recent purchase.

Estessimo Tins The Holiday Cheer

10. Estessimo Tins The Holiday Cheer
My final polish is something a little festive, which I first wrote about here. I can’t gush enough about Estessimo Tins polishes. I really can’t wait to buy more and I hope they will all be as lovely as The Holiday Cheer.

Especially The Uranus.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Along with thinking about taking down the tree and jumping on the treadmill, I also sit here wondering what 2011 has in store for me. I have a feeling it is going to be a big year, filled with a lot of changes and forward progression. I don’t make new years resolutions because let’s face it – no one keeps them. There is really only one thing I want to do this year. Try harder. It doesn’t matter what at, it’s just a blanket statement for life. This year, I’m just going to try harder at everything. I don’t think I could ask any more of myself than that.

Thanks for sticking with my sporadic little blog through 2010, and thanks to those who will join me in 2011. Rest assured, I’ll be trying harder to keep this thing updated!

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  • L.

    That red is so pretty!

    • Kaz

      China Glaze sure know their reds!

  • Pin Prick is AMAZING. I love reds!

    • Kaz

      Me too! I never thought I would!

  • that Lancome will be mine!

    • Kaz

      Keep your eyes peeled! It pops up on eBay regularly. I’ll let you know if I see it!

  • Kaz

    Aww thank you so much! That really means a lot. 🙂 My blog is pretty different to most and I’m so glad that other people actually read it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!

    I’m glad that you plan to try harder next year too. I think if we all just kep that in mind as we go through each day there would be no limit to what we all can do! Best of luck.

    Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  • Kaz

    Yay! You are going to LOVE it!

  • Kaz

    Thanks doll! 😀

  • Kaz

    It really is! I hope you can find one!