Top Ten Polishes I Hope To Find in 2014

It’s that time of year again, and even though I have worked out that I posted about 12 entries last year in total (bad blogger is bad!) I couldn’t miss doing this post. It’s sort of become a tradition around these parts and I know you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy putting them together!

Before we start, feel free to take a peek at my previous entries – 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Hard to believe I have been blogging for that long! Since I started, I have cleared 20 items off these lists, through generous friends and lucky finds. That’s an amazing average of half a list per year! Holy crap!

But during the year, I find myself picking up a whole lot of interesting and unique non-wishlist items as well. Like last year, my polish purchases have slowed while I concentrate on running my business, but what I lack in quantity, I make up for in quality. Some of this stuff I have never even seen before. Here’s a small selection of my vintage stash additions in 2013.

Bonne Bell Nail Gear Happy & Fate Cutex Marigold & Leaf Cutex Sky & Indigo

Naturistics Flippin' Misa Silver Explosion & Lavender Satin Revlon Pink Prism, Potion, Heatwave

Naturistics Gleam, Blueberry Frost, Wild Calyx Pearl, Malachite Pearl Naturistics Sweet Beet Frost, Bistro Burgundy, Spinach Dip Frost Sally Hansen Free Style, Gilded Pink, Jacquard Frost

Sally Hansen Spectrum Frost, Vivid Frost, Sizzles Frost, Stormy Frost Sally Hansen Yule Rule, Pumpkin Sally Hansen Tease, Purple Heart Frost, Violette Frost

Covergirl Red Confetti Creative Nail Design Moody Hues, Violet Haze, Metro Spectacular Amethyst Sparkle

Bonne Bell Nail Gear Shag & Luck Spectacular Riff Raff, Magenta Sally Hansen Urban Chic

China Glaze Emerald Lake Revlon Color Flip CM Disco Dance, Night Beat

Sally Hansen Wink, Holly Daze, Far Out! Frost, Opening Night Maybelline Golden Cloud, Pink Lightening Orly Ice Crystal
Bonne Bell Nail Gear Happy & Fate, Cutex Marigold & Leaf, Cutex Sky & Indigo, Naturistics Flippin’, Misa Silver Explosion & Lavender Satin, Revlon Pink Prism, Potion, Heatwave, Naturistics Gleam, Blueberry Frost, Wild Calyx Pearl, Malachite Pearl, Naturistics Sweet Beet Frost, Bistro Burgundy, Spinach Dip Frost, Sally Hansen Free Style, Gilded Pink, Jacquard Frost, Sally Hansen Spectrum Frost, Vivid Frost, Sizzles Frost, Stormy Frost, Sally Hansen Yule Rule, Pumpkin, Sally Hansen Tease, Purple Heart Frost, Violette Frost, Covergirl Red Confetti, Creative Nail Design Moody Hues, Violet Haze, Metro, Spectacular Amethyst Sparkle, Bonne Bell Nail Gear Shag & Luck, Spectacular Riff Raff, Magenta, Sally Hansen Urban Chic, China Glaze Emerald Lake, Revlon Color Flip, CM Disco Dance, Night Beat, Sally Hansen Wink, Holly Daze, Far Out! Frost, Opening Night, Maybelline Golden Cloud, Pink Lightening, Orly Ice Crystal.

Now let’s take a look at the wishlist items I ticked off the list in the last 12 months. A whopping six of them!

Orly Silent Night2013 List
An amazing, mind blowing part of my vintage Secret Santa swap with The Scholarly Nail!

Orly Silent Night
CND Amazon2013 List
A gorgeous, unexpected gift from one of my dearest polish friends.

Creative Nail Design Amazon
Maybelline Blackened Bronze2013 List
I actually ended up with two of these this year! One was a gift from a lovely friend and the other in my vintage Secret Santa swap with The Scholarly Nail!

Maybelline Blackened Bronze
CM Green Envy2013 List
Thanks to a tipoff from the lovely Hannah of Polly Polish I was able to cross this one off the list from eBay. I never thought I would see it!

CM Green Envy
Revlon MangoZing2012 List
I found this in a polish bin at a market stall, what an amazing find! I damn near fell over when I pulled it out and dusted it off!

Revlon MangoZing
NARS Orpheus2011 List
Be still my beating heart! I have the lovely Janice from Glitter.Gloss.Garbage to thank for this one!

NARS Orpheus
But here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, my list! Here are the Top Ten Polishes I Hope To Find in 2014!

Illamasqua Gothiqua 4
(Photo Credit Pointless Cafe)
I love Illamasqua and have quite a few, but lately I’ve slipped in keeping up with recent releases. This polish isn’t vintage, but it is a Canadian exclusive, which makes it all kinds of hard to get. I have heard that the shimmer doesn’t translate as well to the nail, but I still really dig it. If I may quote Drop Dead Fred – “Looks like a big bruise!”.

(Photo Credit Polished Claws Up)
My collection of vintage Halloween Sally Hansen is large, but sadly this one is missing! From the 1999 Spooktacular collection – as far as I am aware there are five shades. Midnight, Boo Who, Vampira (which I own!) Spooktacular and Yellow Fever (also owned by me). You know what, I’d love to find any of the ones I am missing, but Spooktacular is the only one I have seen in the last five years.


(Photo Credit Steffels)
I think this shade might actually still be available from Precision themselves but this brand is a pain in the balls to get here. I’ve lusted after this fabulous green ever since Steph (where are you gurl?!) posted it eons ago (not to mention Toxic Wast-ing My Time and Intoxicated too!) so I’d love to finally cross this one off the list this year. If you know of any Aussie stockists, let me know.

(Photo Credit – leysa MUA)
Man, this one is a unicorn. All I have is an old pic from leysa on Makeup Alley, that I saved to my hard drive about three laptops ago. Looks like a funky old glitter topper, but I quite honestly can’t get it out of my head or off my wishlist! Google gives me diddly squat, as does eBay but I am not giving up hope that it will turn up one day, considering some of the Teflon Tuff glitters I’ve added to my collection this last year.

(Photo Credit Neglelakkmani Flickr)
Okay, I will admit I am being more than a little bit anal about this one, seeing as I have Classic Emerald Sea, which is exactly the same just in a different bottle. But Emerald Sea is the only vintage Misa glitter that I have seen which is missing from my collection, and that gap annoys me! I know I am not likely to find one in the wild, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

(Photo Credit eBay UK)
Considering I never thought I would own any of the Spectacular Rocky Horror polishes, I am thrilled to say that I now have FOUR OF THE SIX! Sadly Columbia (pictured) sold mere days before I found the Buy It Now auction, but I am keeping the faith that there are more out there. Janet Schmanet is a silver glitter and you can see all six here.

(Photo Credit babyness Flickr)
This beautiful sparkly pink Chanel was part of the limited edition Holiday 2005 collection, which makes it eight years old and incredibly difficult and expensive to find. It’ll turn up one day I am sure, but how much I end up paying for it is the million dollar question (hint. I won’t pay a million dollars).

(Photo Credit The Scholarly Nail)
These old Hard Candy shades are getting harder and harder to find, in fact I don’t think I have seen any in my travels for a couple of years now. I have probably three quarters of a helmer drawer full of these old shades, but Scam was one that always eluded me. I am pretty sure I have it in a mini set gifted to me by the incomparable Scrangie, but I know I’ll always lust after the full size version (as well as any others I am missing as well!)

You know, I think the reason I want this one so bad is because I know so little about it. All I have is this tiny little thumbnail from a cached eBay auction from around 2008. I tried contacting the seller but got no reply (mind you, some crazy chick asking for auction pics of a nail polish you sold over five years ago is probably a little strange). No idea what collection it is from, what year, any others like it… I don’t even know if it is straight up silver glitter or holographic. But I do know I would like to get up close and personal with a bottle to find out.

April 2013 Nail Polish Haul 11
(Photo Credit Polish and Plants)
There are only two polishes that I am aware that I am missing from Revlon’s Multichrome ColorZing line, and VelvetZing is the newest of those discoveries. (CherryZing has also eluded me). VelvetZing is the fifth shade discovered from the gold capped European Zing line and I have a feeling there is one more out there waiting to be unearthed. Hopefully 2014 will be the year that happens!

Well that’s my 2014 list done and dusted, here’s to a productive year of finding your unicorns! For reference, I am going to put all remaining wish list polishes from previous years posts right here, just so we can have all our info in the one place. I cannot wait to start crossing these off! Happy hunting ladies!

Revlon Black Strobe (2010)
Essie Streamers (2010) – FOUND 2015!
OPI Yosemite (2010)
Hard Candy Sellout (2010) – FOUND 2014!
L’Oreal 290 Acqua (2010)

Milani Hot Metal (2011) FOUND 2014!
Milani Melt In The Sun (2011) – FOUND 2014!
Illamasqua Hiss (2011)
Mavala Pygmee (2011) – FOUND 2014!
Streetwear Hippy Dippy (2011) – FOUND 2014!
Chanel Black Velvet (2011) – FOUND 2014!
Revlon Cherry Zing (2012) – FOUND 2014!
Lancome Jazzy (2012)
Color Club Precious Gifts (2012)
CM Enchanted Forest (2012)
Nars After Dark (2012)
Orly Cool Cucumber (2012)
Chanel Nirvana (2012) – FOUND 2015!
Chanel Iridescent (2013) FOUND 2014!
Color Club Black Widow Aqua (2013)
Maybelline Boxer Blue (2013)
Loreal JetSet 335 (2013)
Chanel Mythe (2013) – FOUND 2014!
OPI Tequila Limelight (2013) FOUND 2014!

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  • AS

    Argh, Chanel Pink Ribbons sold for $25 in a Facebook auction not too long ago. I had no idea you were looking for that. >.<

    • Kaz

      Oh what a bummer! Oh well, it will show up again. I am not a member of any Facebook sale groups. I am probably missing some good stuff, huh?

  • And my wishlist grows! That NARS is amazing looking!!! Good luck on your hunt!

    • Kaz

      Thank you ! Good luck to you too!

  • Dana Dohanyos

    My heart is ALL a flutta over here! I look forward to this post year after year from you, girl! I’ve been out of the blogging loop lately myself….. a funk perhaps…and it’s been so long I don’t know if anyone would read it! I’m getting read to organize my polish stash and it amazes me the vintage gems I’ve accumulated over the past two and a half years and how FREAKING AWESOME they are! I didn’t forget – I just need a reminder! I’ve been back on the hunt a little more recently, and these are all jaw dropping. I’m already going to order those Cutex gems – I found them on eBay, Happy hunting, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you – in all things! <3

    • Kaz

      Well I will read it if you blog again! I miss your blog and I would love to see your vintage goodies! I really thought I had slowed down a lot in the last year, but it’s obvious from this post that I never truly stop looking for vintage! Happy hunting to you gorgeous! x