Top Ten Polishes I Hope to Find in 2018

What’s up vintage lovers? Look, I’m actually finishing this post by the end of the year, can you believe it? Now, I haven’t had any time to swatch lately but I do have some swatching time scheduled in for early Jan, so here’s hoping that I can hit you with some fresh meat in the very near future!

Now, since I missed last years post, I actually split this post in two. You can read the first part here – this post covers all the vintage goodies I nabbed in 2016 and 2017. This second half of my post is what’s being added to the wishlist for 2018! (Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s almost 2018!!)

You can also find all previous wishlist posts here:

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Now, this list isn’t my entire wishlist either – I keep that on a Pinterest board. You can check it out here. Now, on to the new list!

Zoya – Cleopatra

(Picture Credit Terri via Flickr)

I love old Zoya shades and this one certainly caught my attention with it’s deep blue base and subtle scattered holo. This one will be hard to track down, but definitely worth the hunt! Finding older Zoyas can be super hard because there are so many modern Zoya shades on the market (on eBay especially) but it pays to keep your eyes open.

Dior – Mystere D’Etoiles (Sparkling Aubergine)

(Picture credit Yellow Purple via Flickr)

I have a bunch of old Dior shades, but not this gorgeous sparkling crimson! Well, not yet anyway. I managed to grab a bunch of old Dior shades a couple of years ago including Deep Sea and Marine Blueberry – but unfortunately that seller doesn’t have this shade!

Maybelline Love Bites

Give me vintage chunky glitter shapes, all day every day! Plus, it’s a gold cap. Definitely need. Also worth noting is Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Red Hot Hearts and Candy Hearts – but I will be collecting lots of Wet Shine Diamonds next year so hopefully we’ll see lots of cool stuff!

Loreal Shocking Green

(Picture Credit Lextard via Flickr)

Shocking Green is one of the ones that I wish I had bought when it was new. And now it’s old and HTF. Forever a vintage polish hunters lament. You only ever want stuff once it’s vintage. Sigh. It’s a perfect dirty green with shimmer. The perfect ugly pretty shade. Sadly they also named one of their HIP eyeshadow shades Shocking Green as well which makes eBay searching hard.

Rimmel Mesmerise

(Picture Credit Polishandplants)

OMG isn’t this just so beautiful! I have only ever seen this bottle shot on a post from Polish and Plants and I bet it looks so amazing swatched! Look at that bright blue glitter!

Urban Decay Gash

This is the LAST 2nd gen Urban Decay shade that I need to complete my collection. I have the re-issued version, but this little bottle still eludes me. Collecting these UD bottles has been a long road but I am not about to give up so close to the finish line! I’ll find you my pretty, mark my words!

L’Oreal Paris Jade

(Picture Credit Unbitten Polish)

I have Future Jade – I even thought I might have had Paris Jade but from a quick look through my stash, Paris Jade still appears to be on the wishlist. Finding these older L’Oreal shades is SUPER hard, especially since you seem to find all the best ones in the UK and they won’t ship polish overseas.

Burberry 12, 10, 34, 08,

(Picture credit Terri via Flickr)

These Japanese Burberry shades are  DREAM! Look at that insane shimmer! That green! Putting these on my wishlist is crazy because I will likely never own them, but a girl can dream, right?

Shu Uemeura Tanzanite Aquarium

(Picture Credit BeautyJudy)

I remember when Shu Uemeura Tanzanite Aquarium was on EVERYONE’S wishlist and there were still some around – sadly at the time, I passed but now I want it! (Typical Kaz). It’s a lot like the Zoya Cleopatra that I listed above but deeper and more sparkly.

Max Factor Crimson Surge
FOUND 2017!

(Picture Credit Polished Claws Up)

Final entry for this years list is Max Factor Crimson Surge – a gorgeous blackened Crimson that just glows. I have some great reds, blues and purples from this old Max Factor line and I would love to explore them more!

That’s all for this year, I hope you all find your Unicorns in 2018!


Revlon Black Strobe (2010)
OPI Yosemite (2010)

L’Oreal 290 Acqua (2010)

Illamasqua Hiss (2011)
Lancome Jazzy (2012)
Color Club Precious Gifts (2012)
CM Enchanted Forest (2012)
Nars After Dark (2012)

Color Club Black Widow Aqua (2013)
Maybelline Boxer Blue (2013)
Loreal JetSet 335 (2013)

Sally Hansen Spooktacular (2014)
Misa Emerald Sea (2014)
Chanel Pink Ribbons (2014)
Sally Hansen Space Age (2014)
Revlon VelvetZing (2014) FOUND 2016
Sally Hansen Santa (2015)
Jessica Twilight (2015)
Essie Ticker Tape (2015)
Maybelline Planet Purple (2015)
Revlon The Spy Who Loved Me (2016)
MAC Cunning (2016)
OPI This Side of Midnight (2016)
Streetwear KindaSorta (2016)
Versace V2033 (2016) FOUND 2016
Sally Hansen To The Moon (2016)
Revlon Lilac Beam (2016)

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