Weekly Haul Pics and Some Swap Goodies

Well another week of this torturous no-buy has passed, and while I wouldn’t say that I have a spotless record, I’m still doing pretty okay. Saving for my trip is well on track and I can hardly believe that it’s only six weeks away now!

My boyfriend’s computer is at the opposite end of the study to where I take my pictures, and he happened to be sitting at his computer when I was preparing shots for the new stuff that had arrived. Normally he doesn’t pay too much attention to what I do with my nails or my polishes, but on Saturday he decided to take an interest and added a little of his own flair to my shots.

Unnamed Lancome Gold Glitter, Lancome Le Magnetique Bleu Enigma… and Sackboy.

I love weird old HE stuff. It’s so unexpected. This Lancome glitter is crazy (it has a number on the bottom, but I can’t recall it – I’ll have to update later). It’s gold glitter shards of about three different sizes, all irregularly shaped. I’ve never seen anything like it, and especially coming from a company like Lancome – definitely an oddball. Bleu Enigma is a Le Magnetique polish, and came with the little magnet to make the star pattern on your nails just like the L’oreal Star Magnets. I have all of those, and being able to nab this blue Lancome baby puts a big grin on my face.

Haul Goodies
Revlon Celestial, Saffron Green, Wet & Wild Love Em & Leave Em, Maybelline Silver Spells. All safely guarded by the might of Tri-Klops.

Revlon Celestial was a bargain pickup at only $0.99 or so and I really have a thing for old Revlons, especially glitters! The Saffron Green was also a cheapie, but I was intrigued by the shade and the brand. I see them all the time for cheap on eBay UK, and so far it looks pretty good. I have yet to swatch it, but it looks thick and pigmented, doesn’t smell too bad and the shade is amazing. I grabbed these two Wet & Wild’s on the cheap from A Beautiful Secret. I’m always thrilled when someone finds old Wet & Wild polishes – they used to make the most interesting glitters. I may have Love Em & Leave Em back to front in terms of names but I’ll confirm that later. Maybelline Silver Spells is an awesome chunky silver glitter. It looks sort of gold tinged in the photo because the base has yellowed with age. Still pretty though. I got ripped off on the gold version (Bold Plated) on eCrater about six months ago by a seller who took my money and disappeared. Boooooo! I think there may be a copper version too.

Lastly, there’s no need to worry about a no-buy when you have gorgeous, generous friends. My beautiful friend Carla G from the UK was holding a Nails Inc polish for me which I bought via eBay and had shipped to her. One polish. Emerald Street. To be honest, I had even forgotten that I had bought it. It arrived the other day, and it brought many, MANY friends.

Nails Inc
Nails Inc Emerald Street, Bow Street (!!!)

Swap Goodies
Names to come

Swap Goodies
Names to come

How much does that green Charlotte Russe look like Moonpool?! LOVE. Not pictured is the metric assload of Caramac and Reeses cups she sent me and the adorable Winnie the Pooh card. I loves ya Miss Carla G and I hope to see you very very soon!

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  • MissMIdnightBlue

    Awesome polishes!!! i like the Bow street bottle.

  • Meg

    I love that your BF decided to take an interest – looks like something my comic-obsessed hubs would do. LOL That Cetuem color is LOVE!

  • Jackie S.

    Great haul!

  • Kaz

    I think with the small haul it is, I went for quality. Thanks!

  • Kaz

    LOL yeah it doesn’t happen often, but its funny when he does! I’ve been thoroughly impressed by all the Cetuems I have bought. I wish they weren’t so expensive and hard to gett!

  • Kaz

    Thanks love! The Crystal Caps will be the death of me I think!!

  • Nixxy

    Oh, Cyclops – how his plastic green groin enhances every bottle 😀

  • Kaz

    My thoughts exactly!