Weekly Swatches

Ack! I’ve got so much new stuff (still) that I haven’t touched (MOAR Hard Candy, China Glaze, Lippmann, Chanel Ciel De Nuit) but I’m definitely not short on swatches yet. I broke my nail and got a cut just below my cuticle so I haven’t photographed anything new. These were done a few weeks ago. Enjoy, Ogle, Drool etc. :awe:

Stargazer 135 Chanel Samba China Glaze Up All Night Sinful Colors HD Nails
Zoya Anaka Streetwear Dark Make Up Store Celebration OPI Reflecting Pool
Essie Starry Starry Night Sally Hansen Vixen OPI DS Fantasy Constance Carroll Empire

Stargazer – 135
I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have no idea why I avoided Stargazer for so long. I stand by that statement with Stargazer 135 as evidence. Beautiful bluey green teal that’s opaque in two coats. And CHEAP! That there’s the best part.

Chanel – Samba
The pic doesn’t show it well, but Samba has a gorgeous pink to green-gold multichrome. And well, I’ve turned into a Chanel ho – so it makes sense that I would track this one down. I think this may have been one of my Japanese friends. Yes. Yes it was.

China Glaze – Up All Night
I think this was part of the China Glaze Collection that claimed to be insanely glossy? The one with Liquid Leather? I don’t know about it being extra glossy, but it is a REALLY nice blue. Very slight purple leanings too. Nice.

Sinful Colors – HD Nails
This one is a strange egg. It came out smack bang in the middle of a huge Sinful glitter explosion and I wonder why Sinful chose green as the only colour for this finish. Not that I’m complaining. It’s beautiful and glowy.

Zoya – Anaka
I don’t do pink often, but when I do its usually bright, sparkly or in your face. Anaka falls into all three of those categories, so of course it was love. I really love Zoya formula too. Meow.

Streetwear – Dark
Nobody told me that Dark had glitter! Streetwear Dark is tiny flakes of silver glitter in an inkly purple blue jelly base. Gorgeous! The glitter is so small that it looks quite muted indoors, but once you head outside or under some bright light, the sun will pick up the bling.

Make Up Store – Celebration
This little baby come into my possession after a long trip from Sweden. Its fabulous. THIS is what I wanted OPI At Your Quebec and Call to look like. Its much more pigmented than AYQAC. The green gold glimmer is just fabulous. This is my first Make Up Store polish and I can’t wait to try more.

OPI Reflecting Pool
I don’t really get the OPI hype and I don’t own many of them, but hot diggity I can see why this one is so sought after! *fans self*

Essie – Starry Starry Night
This is indeed beautiful and worthy of the hype, but I really do have so many Night Sky polishes. I will do a comparison post on them one day. Having recently procured Ciel De Nuit, I gave my Starry Starry Night to a new owner who I know will love and cherish it 😛

Sally Hansen – Vixen
Call me crazy, but I think this is my favourite purple. In fact, Sally Hansen Vixen and Misa Dreamy Purple could get in a wicked mad knife fight to determine the purple that owns my heart, and I think Vixen would be the winner. Just. So pretty. Glides on to the nail too. Love.

OPI DS – Fantasy
This is beautiful, I know, but for some reason DS Fantasy just doesn’t wow me as much as DS Glamour. I don’t have Glamour so maybe I’m delusional. I hope Fantasy doesn’t read this and run away from the helmer. I don’t mean it Fantasy! I looove youuuu!

Constance Carroll – Empire
I think I have posted about Empire before. This was the ultimate score of my Queensland Holiday in January. Found this and another blue in a weird little closeouts store. I wish I had bought the other bottles that they had. I’ve never seen another green like this one. It’s blackened, yet lit from within. Wow. :drool:

That’s all for today folks, I’ll try and have some new swatches for you next week.

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  • crotchfairy

    Hands down, you have the best nail polish collection.

  • Kaz

    Awww thank you!!

  • *gasp* that’s an amazing picture of dark! (it’s one of my biggest lemmings of all time, so i obsessively mentally catalog every pic of it i see, haha) actually, all of those polishes look really great on you – so vibrant and glowy!

  • Kaz

    Thanks! Keep your eyes peeled on eBay for Dark. It does show up from time to time!

  • I think this is the first time I’ve ever commented on your site! You have such lovely swatches. I have DS Glamour,and I like it a lot better than I like Fantasy because it has more holo.I am an unrepentant sucker for holo.

  • Kaz

    Thanks Ginger!! Yeah I’m the same with holos!! The more bling, the better!

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