Well I finally got my most pressing engagement out of the way…

I actually got the new theme finished for Oldskoolgamers.org!!

I’ll admit, although it was a labour of love, I did get a bit bored at the end. It took far too long to finish. Working with sprites is the bomb though, because they are just way too easy to edit. It seems to be received pretty well and I am proud of it, but it was a lot less work than the Zelda theme.


Banner Banner Banner

Click for a larger view.

That being done though, I will be able to focus a little more on maintaining my movie site, and posting more crap in this blog. Yay for crap! x3 Hopefully I can work on a custom theme for this place this weekend. I need to add some new smilies too.

Back later yo :dance:

Edit. Looks like I’m working on it still nyahh :facepalm:

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