Wet, Wild & Wonderful

Wet & Wild has to be the weirdest name for a cosmetics brand. It sounds kind of like a porn film, or a Poison song from 1986. But I can remember seeing Wet & Wild cosmetics for sale pretty much as long as I can remember, my earliest memory being some colour change lippies from when I was five.

I was five in 1988, so maybe I’m not too far off the mark with that 1986 Poison remark.

Wet & Wild
L to R: 491A Blackest Blue, 495A Blackest Green, 456D (No Name), 455A Totally Rad, 9807 Green Glam

Now that isn’t the best pic, but I couldn’t lighten it up any more without the white brush handles disappearing! These five Wet & Wilds are long discontinued and those of you that know me and read my blog will know that that simply means that I will love them even more.

Wet & Wild 495A Blackest Green
495A Blackest Green

The first one of the lot that I tried was Blackest Green, which was generously gifted to me for Christmas along with Blackest Blue. Despite its age (this would have to be at LEAST ten years old now) it went on fabulously. It was smooth as a baby’s butt. The colour is awesome too. It’s definitely blackened like the name suggests, but no so blackened that it looks like black indoors. Swatch is two coats, no topcoat.

Wet & Wild 491A Blackest Blue
491A Blackest Blue

The next one I tried is Blackest Blue. This is a veeeery deep blue. Inky and marvelous. The formula however is quite different to Blackest Green. It went on streaky with the first coat and I was disappointed. But when that second coat hit my nails I knew that it had fooled me. Two coats, no topcoat.

Wet & Wild 456D (No Name)
456D (No Name)

Wet & Wild 456D looks like your average old black base silver glitter polish in the bottle. But I really like the way it looks on the nail. It’s not overpowering with the glitter, and it actually looks like a night sky, even though it’s not a “night sky” polish. An idea began forming in my head as I looked at my remaining two polishes…

Wet & Wild 455A Totally Rad
455A Totally Rad

Layering!! I knew that Totally Rad would look totally rad over 456D! I love this particular colour of green glitter. Monster Mash, Nubar Lime Glitter… I think there’s even a Sinful glitter in this colour. Totally Rad lived up to my expectations.

Wet & Wild 455A Totally Rad
455A Totally Rad

Here’s a closeup of how it catches the light. Amazing!! But I’m not done yet…

Wet & Wild 9807 Green Glam
9807 Green Glam

I thought I’d add a little more Glam… Green Glam to be exact! This wicked mad old Fantasy Makers polish was found in Canada by a friend. I think it was the perfect compliment to an already amazing mani!

I look forward to uncovering more old Wet & Wild treasures in the coming months. Who knows what other greatness is in clearance bins around the world?

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  • wow – these are awesome! I remember that glitter in stores ‘Totally Rad’….