Woohoo! Shoesday!

Well I enjoyed Shoesday so much last week (and I got Carli on board as well, woohoo!) that I’m doing it again today. I had a couple more amazing shoe bargain arrive from online sales since last Tuesday and here they are!

These gorgeous babies are my Saba ‘Frankie’ heels in Lagoon. RRP was $189, I snapped them up for $39 from Ozsale.

And these are my RMK ‘Bahrain’ in Peacock Suede. RRP was $119, I purchased them for $35 from Brands Exclusive.

There’s also an amazing Verali sale on RIGHT NOW on Brands Exclusive. I picked up four pairs of heels this morning (yes, FOUR), for a grand total of $81.86 including shipping! I can’t wait to get these!

Verali ‘Farrah’ Red & Blue Glitter $79.95 $13.99 each

Verali ‘Elise’ Rust & Cobalt $59.95 $21.99 each

Anyone else bought any great shoes lately? I want to see!!

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