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Top Ten Polishes I Hope to Find in 2010

At the end of last year I was lucky enough to be able to do a whole series of posts detailing the amazing HTF treasures I had managed to get my hands on last year. To start off this year, I thought I would list ten polishes off my wishlist that I’ll be scouring for this year.

Who knows, maybe by the end of the year I’ll be able to do another post about how many of them that I now have!

All pics have been used with permission from the lovely ladies credited!

1. Revlon Black Strobe
(no pic available)
Black Strobe is Red & Fuchsia glitter in a black base.
There is a pic on nailgal that you can view here. If the image is incorrect, just search Black Strobe. It’s fabulous!

Essie Streamers Color Club Neon Teal
Essie Streamers courtesy of emalc
Color Club Neon Teal courtesy of MrsBrightside
2. Essie Streamers
Essie Streamers was part of a Japanese Trio, which also included Confetti and Ticker Tape. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Confetti in 2008, hopefully this year will bring Streamers (and maybe even Ticker Tape) into my grasp!

3. Color Club Neon Teal FOUND!! 2011
This old Color Club has been a longtime lemming! Before I joined Makeup Alley, and I had just discovered the wonder that was nailgal, I lusted after this little number. She’s a hot ticket, and since no one wants to part with her, I haven’t seen her since. Maybe this is my year!

4. OPI Yosemite
(no picture available)
I’m not really a big OPI gal, but if there’s one thing I do love, it’s an OPI green. Not only does Yosemite fit that bill, but its an Australian Exclusive, from the California Collection, which came out here about ten years ago. It’s quite similar to OPI Real Teal (which I do not own either), and I’ll probably have more luck finding this one at an old nail salon than online.

Hard Candy Sellout Maybelline Electric Apple
Hard Candy Sellout courtesy of MrsBrightside
5. Hard Candy Sellout
This is one of the few newer (I have to say “newer” now because of HC’s new Walmart line) Hard Candies that I actually want. Want probably isn’t a strong enough word. I almost snagged it on the bay late last year, but no dice. It’s green gold glitterness is unparalleled!

6. Maybelline Electric Apple FOUND!! 2010
I love old Maybellines, and this one is at the top of the list! Maybelline’s bright, shimmery, perfect, in your face lime green – Electric Apple. I love the name and the shade. I need this colour like yesterday! Gold cap Maybellines RULE!

7. L’Oreal 290 Acqua
Picture HERE
Whoa momma. This old Laquiresist haunts my dreams. I have NEVER seen it anywhere apart from this photo. I managed to score Ocean, Galactica, Supernova and many other old L’Oreal polishes, but Acqua remains a loch ness monster. Maybe this year I will be able to prove that Acqua is not a myth!

China Glaze Stroke of Midnight Creative Nocturnal
China Glaze Stroke of Midnight courtesy of QueenJedi
Creative Nocturnal courtesy of tobywoo
8. China Glaze Stroke of Midnight FOUND!! 2010
I have managed to check Moonpool, Cats Eye, Indian Ocean and even Wet Velvet from my lemming list of old China Glazes, but Stroke of Midnight still eludes my grasp. Soon my pretty! Soon!! *cackles*

9. Creative Nocturnal FOUND!! 2012
There are a whole slew of old Creative polishes that I would give my left boob to get my hands on (well maybe not a boob, but I’m pretty sure I could part with an ear. I’ll just cover it with my hair). There’s Raven… and Peacock… and Amazon… and of course the smooth blue hawtness that is Nocturnal. I found Insomnia last year, so there is hope!

10. Sally Hansen Kiss FOUND!! 2012
(no picture available)
Sally Hansen Kiss is another of the Sally Hansen Celebration Glitters that I blogged about last year. It’s red (duh!) string and round glitter in a clear base. This one showed up at Dollar Trees in late 2008. Who knows? Maybe this year will bring more DT treasures.

So that’s a brief look at ten HTF’s that I hope to find this year. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who allowed me to use their pics!

I hope you all find your unicorns in 2010!

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