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Top 10 Polishes I Hope To Find in 2011

At the beginning of last year, I wrote this post – detailing HTF polishes that I hoped to track down in 2010. I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped – I think that might have been because I was aiming too high. OPI Yosemite? Essie Streamers? Was I high? But I guess there’s no point in trying if you don’t aim for the sky and I did manage to score two items off that list in 2010 – Maybelline Electric Apple and China Glaze Stroke of Midnight.

But super insane HTF list aside – I also fulfilled the following long time lemmings.

Loreal RebelNails Inc AscotLoreal PlumageRevlon Rio CoolChanel Pepite
OPI La BohemeAnna Sui Trio Beach CollectionSally Hansen Saturday Night FeverChinoiserie Stellar NightLoreal Future Jade
Lancome Blue EnigmaFinger Paints Mulled CiderRevlon BlueRevlon EnchantedCK Emerald Green
OPI Real TealOPI Golf Course GreenColor Club Black Widow GreenChina Glaze Out On SafariChina Glaze Vegas

Loreal Rebel, Nails Inc Ascot, Loreal Plumage, Revlon Rio Cool, Chanel Pepite, OPI La Boheme, Anna Sui Trio Beach Collection, Sally Hansen Saturday Night Fever, Chinoiserie Stellar Night, Loreal Future Jade, Lancome Blue Enigma, Finger Paints Mulled Cider, Revlon Blue, Revlon Enchanted, CK Emerald Green, OPI Real Teal, OPI Golf Course Green, Color Club Black Widow Green, China Glaze Out On Safari and China Glaze Vegas.

Also picked up this year but not photographed – MAC Chroma Purple Python, Chanel Metallic Vamp, Revlon Go-Go, Chanel Cry Baby, Streetwear Bubble, Chanel Cobra, Revlon Pink Twinkle and Lancome Lizzie Jagger. All in all, even though I only got 2 of the ten off my list – I think the rest of my finds more than make up for it. Thank you to all the people that made it possible for my to check these off my excessivley long list of dream polishes. A special super big thanks to Em, who is responsible for finding me Real Teal, Golf Course Green and Black Widow Green. You know I love you, doll.

This year I’m already off to a good start. I’ve cut my frivoulous spending drastically and am now focusing on clearing away wishlist stuff that I have been looking for forever. Since January this year I’ve acquired Dior Marine Blueberry, Revlon Night Spell and the Guerlain Intense Red Duo. So without further ado I’m going to build a new list for this year.


I’m just going to note that since I don’t own these – none of these pics are mine.

1. Milani Hot Metal and/or Melt In The SunPhotos here (Temptalia)
Yes, yes. I know these are fairly recent and I know I’m adding two for one here but they are from the same collection. These are the only two from the Milani Hot Metal Collection that I want. Actually scratch that. Melt with U and Melt Down are also the hotness. I need all four. It’s a pity Cherry Culture never got these.

Illamasqua BooIllamasqua Hiss

2. Illamasqua Boo and/or Hiss
I am TOTALLY spewing that I missed these. Pictures used with the most awesome permission of Scrangie. EDIT: BOO FOUND!! 2011

3. Mavala PygmeePicture here (Dr Frankenpolish)
A gorgeous green-gold-bronze that may be the love child of China Glaze Cats Eye and Peace On Earth. Might not be too far out of reach as an awesome commenter let me know of a German webshop that has it in stock. YESSSS.

4. Color Club Neon Teal FOUND!! 2011 Photo here (lextard @ Flickr)
This was on my list last year, but I had to add it again. I was out dustying with Em and I HELD IT IN MY HANDS. Then the woman wouldn’t sell it to me. BITCH.

Streetwear Hippy Dippy

5. Streetwear Hippy Dippy Thanks to Leysa @ MUA
I had to include AT LEAST ONE white whale, right?

6. China Glaze Sunburst, Stardust and/or Cherry Bomb FOUND!! 2011 Pics in this post.
The last half of the old China Glaze string glitters that I need to complete my collection. These come from the same collection as Aurora Borealis, Jumpin Jupiter and Moon over Miami.

NARS Orpheus

7. NARS Orpheus FOUND!! 2013 – Photo via eBay (it sold for £8.00!!! HOW DID I MISS THAT…)
If NARS do another retro collection and include this and After Dark I WILL DIE. HAPPY.

8. Chanel Black Velvet (Original Glitter Version) Photo here (CarolineSwing @ Flickr)
This was a Japanese exclusive, so I may have to keep an eye on auctions over there for this. Think Ciel De Nuit, but BLACK. Was released as part of a 3 color limited edition set for the opening of the Chanel Omotesando store, back in 2002.

Revlon Black Strobe

9. Revlon Black Strobe (left) Thanks to Leysa @ MUA
Gorgeous, gorgeous pink & red glitter in a dark jelly base. Oh Revlon. You so awesome.

10. Clarins 212 Heavenly Violet FOUND!! 2012 Pic here (Pretty Punk Beauty Junkie)
I have #230, and this is the last on my Clarins lemming list.

So I guess I’ll update this post again in a year. Until then, I guess it’s time to get hunting. I wish you all luck in your own hunts

(you might want to pray that you don’t meet me on the eBay battlefield…) :muhaha:

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