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Top Ten Polishes I Hope To Find in 2013

Wow, this post series is becoming sort of a staple here at ol’ Pretty Random. This blog will turn five (!!) next year, and I’ve done posts for 2010, 2011 and 2012 – and I’ve had successes from all the lists. So what they hey? There’s still plenty of pretty on my must find lists so why not continue the trend!

Before I begin my new list, I would like to take a look over what I did manage to pick up in the last twelve months. 2012 was a slow year in terms of polish acquisition compared to the years prior – I really did concentrate more on getting Pretty Serious off the ground than I did expanding my own stash, but I did pick up a few things I’m quite proud to add to my helmers.

Revlon Hot Roxx CM Without Compassion Essence Confetteria
Cutex Camouflage OPI Iridescent Opal Maybelline Fuschia Fling
OPI Rent, OPI Thoroughly Modern Millie OPI American Ocean Spectacular Rocky, Spectacular Frank N Furter
Sally Hansen Sparkle, Sally Hansen Razzle Sally Hansen Wicked, Sally Hansen Ghost, Sally Hansen Vampira Sally Hansen Dimension, Sally Hansen Electrode, Sally Hansen Laser
Sally Hansen Techno Teal Matte Sally Hansen Tinsel, Sally Hansen Kiss Sally Hansen Celebrate, Sally Hansen Festive

Revlon Hot Roxx, CM Without Compassion, Essence Confetteria, Cutex Camouflage, OPI Iridescent Opal (X Collection), Maybelline Fuschia Fling, OPI Rent, OPI Thoroughly Modern Millie, OPI American Ocean, Spectacular Rocky, Spectacular Frank N Furter, Sally Hansen Sparkle, Sally Hansen Razzle, Sally Hansen Wicked, Sally Hansen Ghost, Sally Hansen Vampira, Sally Hansen Dimension, Sally Hansen Electrode, Sally Hansen Laser, Sally Hansen Techno Teal Matte, Sally Hansen Tinsel, Sally Hansen Kiss, Sally Hansen Celebrate, Sally Hansen Festive.

Here are the items I picked up from my actual lists – a grand total of FIVE this year, and I wasn’t even trying! That’s like half a whole list! Thank you so much to the generous friends who helped make this happen.

1. Creative Nocturnal – 2010 List
Found this one hiding in a local beauty supply. What a find!

2. Clarins Heavenly Violet – 2011 List
A beautiful gift from an even more beautiful person.

3. Revlon Mesmerized – 2012 List
Found this one on eBay! Never thought I would in a million years, but here we are!

4. China Glaze Crocodile Lounge – 2012 List
Another amazing gift. I am so lucky to have such wonderful nail friends.

5. Maybelline All I Want Is Purple – 2012 List
Once again, an awesome gift from one of my favourite polish gals.

Now, on to my list!

This gorgeous old purple Chanel has been on my wishlist for way too long! Time to cross it off!

I have a huge collection of Night Sky polishes, yet this one still eludes me. I have a feeling this year will be the year!

So far, I’ve only got my paws on Black Widow Green – still three more (that I know of!) to find, and Aqua is at the top of the list!

I know, I know – I probably own a dozen like it, but the fact that this particular Maybelline has eluded me so long makes me want it even more.

Another crusty old Creative for the list. I’m down to two now, with this and Peacock the only vintage CND lemmings left standing.

6. LOREAL JET SET 335Picture
So delicious I can barely stand it. It’s like a super bright and shiny Moonpool. I’ve wanted this forever.

Gorgeous red based purple with a strong blue flash. Not sure how old, but I know I need it!

I bought this about two years ago and was ripped off by the seller who never sent the goods. Still spewing over that. I have most of the Maybelline Blackened collection, but this one is still annoyingly absent.

9. CM GREEN ENVY – FOUND!! Picture
Another stunning discontined CM that’s harder to find than hens teeth. Not giving up though!

The last of the polishes I am yet to recover from about three years ago when I sold a lot of HTF polishes to help my financial situation at the time. I’ve managed to recover everything I parted with, except this one OPI. Don’t worry TL, you’ll be home soon.

Well that’s my 2013 list done and dusted. I’ve crossed off so many amazing shades in the years I’ve been blogging and I couldn’t have done so without the kindness and generosity of my readers and friends. You guys rock. Honestly girls – make your lists and send as much good karma out as you can. Trust me when I say it comes back tenfold. This post is proof of that.

EDIT: Just realised that Sally Hansen Kiss is on my 2010 list as well! That makes SIX for the year! Woohoo! Yay!


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