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Let’s Talk About Naturistics

Naturistics was a brand that I never actually saw myself actively collecting, but somehow I have amassed a huge amount of them. My collection generally consists of bolder and more daring colours – brights and glitters and things that weren’t as common in the nail polish world when the brand was in its prime. Kind of like my Sally Hansen collection, which makes sense since both brands are/were owned by Del Laboratories.

My first foray into the Naturistics world was about six years ago when I made it my mission to find Crystal Blue Pearl. Yes, ladies and gents, this one is a much-coveted SSN dupe.


Naturistics Crystal Blue Pearl

And with a little patience and meticulous eBay searching, as you can see I found myself a bottle. Still kinda spewing that the brush doesn’t match the bottle colour, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

It wasn’t long before I found myself slipping down the slippery slope to collectorsville. You know you have reached collectorsville when you have more polishes of a particular brand than you have swatched or worn. But who could blame me – look at those matching caps!



To say I find the brand intriguing is probably a vast understatement. Vintage polish lovers would all agree that part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt, and the fact that I am still consistently discovering new shades and treasures is part of what feeds my addiction. I have no idea how many there are out there. Every day brings the possibility of a new find. Vibrant shimmers, glitters, frosts, and cremes – Naturistics seemed to cover it all. Below is Azurite Pearl and Starlight over Go Grape Pearl.


Naturistics Azurite Pearl Naturistics Starlight over Go Grape Pearl

And if the super shine range wasn’t enough to keep me excited, I have found weird and wonderful shades in other sublines as well. Ever Green Pearl from the 90 Second Dry range and Flippin’ from some sort of later rebranded bottle. I love that there is so much I don’t know!


Naturistics Ever Green Pearl


Naturistics Flippin'

If you’d like to see more of this awesome brand, check out my reference guide HERE.

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