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Swatched! Streetwear Sexy

It’s 9.51pm on Sunday night and I am hoping I can just squeeze in my post for the first Vintage Blogging Beauties Vintage Brand Spotlight post, but I think I might be cutting it short! Of course, we picked Streetwear – Revlon’s hip and happening 90’s line which was brought to the market to combat the edgy teen appeal of new brands Hard Candy and Urban Decay.

Streetwear Sexy Streetwear Sexy
My Streetwear collection is pretty intense. I’m a completist. And while there are quite a few I am still missing, there’s also a larger portion that I am not. I don’t have a final number but what I do have is two helmer drawers full. And today I have chosen one of my newest – Sexy.

Streetwear Sexy
Not to be confused with Sexxy Thang, Sexy is a gorgeous pink creme. Labeling is European, suggesting that this particular collection wasn’t available in the US. (Cap also says Revlon London)

Streetwear Sexy
I’ve got a bunch of other shades with the same thing on the cap “Colour Changes Under UV Light” (Non-US spelling of colour also points to a European release) – Boogie (Green), Carefree (Blue), Flashy (Yellow), and Spotlight (White) all have the same thing on the cap. I figured it would just be the usual neon under blacklight glow, but nope.

Streetwear Sexy Streetwear Sexy
This polish actually turned WHITE under the blacklight. How freaking cool is that?

You may have noticed that my Streetwear Reference guide is missing. Fear not, my vintage loving babes – I am working on something far more informative, comprehensive, and awesome. Stay tuned!

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