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Swatched! Misa Embroidered Emerald

I feel like Misa is one of those brands that you don’t hear from much anymore – at least nowhere near as much as we did when I seriously started collecting polish around 07-08. Every prominent blogger used to get the new collections and Misa was hitting some great strides with new and popular colours. You’ve heard me gush about the Poisoned Passion collection. You’ve seen my fabulous swatches of Silk Robe. You’ve probably even seen my Vintage Misa collection. But I honestly can’t recall what their last collection was. Anyone? Bueller?

Misa Embroidered Emerald
Back in the day when Misa was king, there was a gorgeous little shade called Embroidered Emerald. I’m struggling to find out how old this is – another blog says this polish is from Fall 2006, but research tells me that is the Burlesque collection. So I have no clue. If anyone knows when this polish was released, let me know!

Misa Embroidered Emerald
Embroidered Emerald is a total chameleon of a polish. I think I put off buying it for so long because so many swatches out there look so brown and I figured that since I already own UD Bruise, I didn’t neeed EE. But I was wrong. I so so needed this. The base isn’t brown at all – it’s a wonderful plum purple with a fantastical blue/green shimmer that’s just batshit insane. I make polish for a living and I never would have thought to come up with this concoction. The colours don’t appear to be complimentary at all. But they just work.

Misa Embroidered Emerald
This was another Storenvy grab as well. I’ve really been picking up some awesome stuff on there lately. In fact, I have found some awesome new polishes across the board lately. There are times when good vintage polish is sparse but others (like now) when I really should just transfer my pay directly to PayPal.

Misa Embroidered Emerald
Embroidered Emerald is an odd, complex polish with a weird combination of base and shimmer which somehow manages to sing harmoniously. You’ll either love it or hate it. And every time I see this polish, I can’t help but be reminded of the incredible Rik Mayall talking about Lizzie’s dress in Drop Dead Fred (RIP you hilarious man). (“Oooh looks like a big bruise!”)

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