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Swatched! Chanel Black Velvet 32

It’s probably super dorky of me to say that I still can not believe that I am typing this entry. Of all the polishes in my yearly wish lists, this was the one I figured I was least likely to see. It’s over ten years old. It originates from a single country – and it’s CHANEL. But screw the hurdles. Here we are with my precious, precious bottle of Black Velvet.

Chanel Black Velvet
Not to be confused with the 2010 matte black shade of the same name, Black Velvet is a stunning black jelly with silver micro glitter and the most amazing royal blue iridescent shimmer. I had no idea about the blue shimmer until I got my bottle and actually got to experience the majesty in person. This polish was SO worth the wait!

Chanel Black Velvet
Black Velvet has the number 32 and was released in 2002 in Japan only, to commemorate the opening of the Chanel Omotesando store as a part of the Creations de Chanel Harajuku collection. This translates to me as: “Super freaking rare, good luck ever finding a bottle, hahaha nail polish nerd”. I’m not gonna lie, my French is a little rusty.

Chanel Black Velvet
This is three thin, careful coats. The base is completely black, but the blue shimmer makes it look blue. While this looks similar in the bottle to Ciel De Nuit, it is completely different (and dare I say prettier!).

Chanel Black Velvet
Black Velvet came to me as part of a swap (with the equally delicious Mythe), but I still feel like the swap was so one-sided that it was pretty much a gift. To the wonderful gal who helped Black Velvet find its way home – I am forever in your debt. Ladies (and gents) – Polish Karma is real. I’ve tried my best to be kind and generous to as many people as I can, and this is what you get in return.

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