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Swatched! Black Radiance Seeing Green

Where did this week go? Hang on, while we are wondering about that, where did last week go as well? My days are fast becoming a blur of nappies, bottles, and nail polish. Not that I am complaining, Evie and Pretty Serious are both all kinds of awesome, but they do tend to take up most of the time I don’t spend sleeping.


Black Radiance Seeing Green

I did, however, manage to get this swatch done last week in preparation for a bit of blogging so that came in handy! But being the collector that I am, I did have to snap a pic ON CARD. Yep, vintage CARDED POLISH. Incredible. A huge thanks to the vintage polish fairy who sent this to me, along with a heap of other wishlist items. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Black Radiance Seeing Green
I’ve lusted after Seeing Green for a long time, but struggled to find it because I actually thought it was named Seeing Red, due to a mislabeled swatch. Or, there’s another similar Black Radiance polish out there called Seeing Red and then I need that too, but I am pretty sure now that Seeing Green is the one and only.

Black Radiance Seeing Green
I don’t know much about Black Radiance polishes. In fact, I don’t really know anything at all about them. I have no idea how old this is (I couldn’t find a date on the packaging) and google searching has turned up less than squat. I don’t even know if the line is still around today, and if they are, where they are sold. I do know that this shade however is long discontinued. Just not how long. You just read an entire paragraph and learned nothing. You’re welcome.

Black Radiance Seeing Green
In terms of dupes, I couldn’t really find an exact match in my collection. It’s got a brighter shimmer than Naturistics Malachite Pearl, the base is lighter than Artmatic Emerald City and the colour is duskier than Cutex Camouflage. They are all in the same family, but no exact dupes.

Naturistics Malachite Pearl Artmatic Emerald City Cutex Camouflage
The formula was better than expected – I think I had a rough time with Artmatic Emerald Green and expected this to be the same, but two coats came out perfect. I also have Black Radiance Baad Mint (no idea why there are two a’s but oh well) so I will have to swatch that soon as well.

Black Radiance Seeing Green
I loved Seeing Green (as I always knew I would) and I am super happy to finally tick this one off the eternal wishlist! I am loving these green posts and I think I might keep it rolling. Green September anyone?

Update: Thank you to Polished Hippy for the info! Black Radiance is a Markwins (Wet & Wild) brand targeted at African American women, featuring a lot of W&W shades suited to darker skin. She can remember these polishes from the 90’s.

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