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Swatched! Precision Poison Ivy

Another day, another green! And the one I have picked for you today is super gorgeous! Apologies for the sub par swatches, my swatch mojo was just zero yesterday so before I hurt your eyes with this hot mess, head on over to Steffels to see some amazing swatches and to find out why I wanted this one so damn hard. (Wherever you are out there in the Universe Stef, know that I miss you gurl!)

Precision Poison Ivy

Precision Poison Ivy gets ticked off the 2014 Wishlist thanks to the vintage polish fairy (aka Carey!) who sent me this gorgeous polish with a pile of other wishlist lemmings a few months ago in what will henceforth be referred to as Swap of the Century.

Precision Poison Ivy

My pasty white skin pulls way more teal from this shade than the emerald green I saw in Stef’s swatches but I am still totally in love. I just wish I could have taken better shots of it so you can all see what the hell I am waffling on about. The golden shimmer just makes it a chameleon. Is it green? Is it teal? I know what it is, and that’s SENSATIONAL.

Precision Poison Ivy

This shade was a part of Precision’s 2011 Toxic Love collection (not to be confused with Misa Poisoned Passion), and had a bunch of really beautiful colours like Intoxicated (kind of reminds me of Cowgirl Up) and Toxic Wast-ing my Time which might steal the award for the corniest name from OPI if they hadn’t trumped that one with “Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window”. A fart joke, Suzi? Really? (Not gonna lie, I bought it. I love fart jokes, but I’m far less classy than I assumed Suzi to be).

Precision Poison Ivy

Overall, a big giant thumbs up for this amazing wishlist shade. I’ll probably re-swatch down the track and I hope I can capture its amazingness when my swatch batteries aren’t so flat (or faulty). I only wish Precision polishes were easier to find because I think I’d have a lot more of them by now. (Toxic Wast-ing My Time may just have to make an appearance on my 2015 list!)

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