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Swatched! Arcane Whimsy Wonderland

Today’s polish is pretty special and something a little different. First of all, it’s not vintage. In fact, it’s up for sale right this second. It’s also indie. An Aussie indie, in fact. Those of you that aren’t familiar with Arcane Lacquer should go and take a closer look, because Bec’s shit is tight.

Whimsy Wonderland is from the Arcane 2013 Christmas Collection and if I’m perfectly honest, it’s everything I ever wanted from a salon brand for Christmas but they never delivered. China Glaze, you need to be taking notes here because THIS is Christmas in a bottle. Reminiscent of my beloved Bloop H198 that I picked up from the airport in Malaysia, Whimsy Wonderland takes that concept and cranks it to 11.

I’ve layered two thin coats over Precision Poison Ivy from yesterday which ended up being the perfect undies for it. The jelly base of Whimsy Wonderland is a gorgeous smoky teal green which can be built to opacity without undies in three coats.

Formula was beautiful and easy to apply – I have struggled with clumpy indie glitters in the past but you’ll have none of that here. It’s measured to perfection, with just the right amount of glitter to make it sing without making it difficult to work with.

You can grab this polish from Arcane direct if you are in Australia, but you’ll have to hit up one of her stockists if you are outside the country. Try your luck at Mei Mei’s Signature’s (SING)Norway Nails (NOR) or
Harlow & Co (CAN) but if you like this shade, I’d haul ass because it has been discontinued.

Back tomorrow with another awesome green polish! Hooray for Green September!

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