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Swatched! Creative Nail Design Amazon

AKA GAH IT’S SO PRETTY! Today’s Green September Post is brought to you yet again by my most wonderful Vintage Polish Fairy, Carey. (Carey the Fairy! MAGICAL.) While this wasn’t part of Swap of the Year, this was from the swap before that, so as you can see, quality across the board. Amazon was the very last CND polish I had on my wishlist and the hardest to find, but it was sure worth the wait.

Creative Nail Design Amazon

Amazon is one of the SUPER old Creative Nail Design shades and unfortunately trying to Google it will bring you a whole lot of links to new CND stuff on Amazon. Sigh. I am not sure when CND changed their bottle design from the gold label like we see here, to the black label, but from my own memory I would hazard a guess that it was pre 2006. When I first started getting into salon polish, CND were well into their black print bottle design (and I was chasing colours like NFS and Hanky Panky. Both amazing. Add them to your wishlist now).

Creative Nail Design Amazon

I kind of lost interest in CND when they phased out their polish line and brought in the effects, I have a few but I’ll likely destash them at some stage and now their focus seems to be on Shellac and Vinylux. Yawn. I don’t want my manicure to last that long. Don’t people get bored of the same coloured nails? But anyway, when it comes to these old CND shades (gold and black labels, that is) I can’t get enough. Information is sparse (especially on Gold Label) so discovering them is so much fun. There is so much interesting stuff in the CND back catalog. It pains me that they got so boring.

Creative Nail Design Amazon

Not gonna lie, I was worried when I first started applying Amazon because it looked SUPER frosty. It’s also chemical-laden and smells like paint stripper but once it started drying and leveling out… well you can see the pictures, it’s just gorgeous. It’s like a metallic foil.

Creative Nail Design Amazon

I’ve yet to swatch a lot of my old CND shades and I have some fabulous green ones like Jaded, Insomnia, and NFS that could use reswatching. Maybe I can work them in somewhere this month. If they are half as good as Amazon turned out to be, I will be very happy indeed!

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