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Swatched! Revlon Streetwear Toad

I’m really behind at the moment, so this Streetwear Sunday post is coming to you on a Wednesday. I’ve been working hard to catch up on my Green September swatches and I am hoping to be ahead by the end of the week. I’m having trouble limiting it to 30! I would continue it into October, but I have already picked another theme for next month (Spoilers: HALLOWEEN!).

Streetwear Toad - Pretty Random

If I could only choose ten polishes to wear for the rest of my life, Streetwear Toad would have to be in there. I have a mild obsession with this polish, and I can pinpoint the exact moment when it started. 1999. Jawbreaker.

Marcie: Trends change. People change. It’s all about details. If you don’t pay attention to details you’re doomed, I mean look at my nails! I went through junior high wearing nothing but pink. Now pink makes me puke so I change, rearrange. See, it’s called Demented. No, seriously, the color’s called Demented.
Courtney: Mine, Decayed. Like Julie. Our friendship with her is decayed, rotten. Julie is no more. She’s like Fern Mayo. A bad dream, get it?

Streetwear Toad - Pretty Random

I’d still actually love to know what was on their nails at the time, but one of those colours was a deep, murky green. I bet it was Toad. I can’t think of anything else like it that would have been around at the time. I searched for Toad for ages until I was lucky enough to snap it up for a few bucks from eBay UK when they still shipped polish outside of the UK. Back then, there wasn’t a massive demand for Streetwear like there is now. Nowadays I see Toad fetching around the $25-30 mark when it does show up. I don’t believe there is any colour variation between the US and Europe bottles, but there is a light green coloured variant that has a dot on the cap. Check out my reference guide for more info.

Streetwear Toad - Pretty Random

Toad is often imitated, but never replicated. I have a bunch of shades that are close, but never quite as amazing. Something is always a bit off. Too gold. Too olive. Too emerald. Toad just hits a balance of all three of those that result in an absolutely incredible polish. Seriously, if you don’t have this you are missing out.

Streetwear Toad - Pretty Random

Not only is it the most perfect metallic slime green I have ever encountered in my life, but the formula is incredible as well. Sure, it’s chock full of chemicals like most 90’s polish, but it still just applied so perfectly. The depth is amazing. This is three, careful coats. But I could have easily gotten away with two.

Streetwear Toad - Pretty Random

Streetwear Toad is at the rare end of the Streetwear spectrum, but not as rare as something like Hippy Dippy. I see it show up on eBay regularly (not as regular as something like Forest) and if you are lucky you’ll be able to snag a bargain for under $10 if the seller doesn’t realise what they have. Normal BIN prices are usually $25-$30. But I promise you, Toad is worth every cent.

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