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Swatched! China Glaze Running in Circles

I’ve got two bursting full Helmer drawers of China Glaze polish but over the last two years or so, being busy with my own line, I fell woefully behind with their releases. I’ve always loved their collections. Always more fun than OPI and I love the quality. I’ve started to play catch up now and one of the first on my list was this gorgeous number.

China Glaze Running in Circles

Running in Circles is from the 2012 Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away collection. I found the whole lot to be hit and miss. Some were just meh, with one or two being downright puzzling. Running in Circles was clearly the standout. I’m not really a fan of salon brands collaborating with companies for promotional reasons but at least China Glaze doesn’t do it as often as OPI. It’s fine to license a property and all, but I did feel like this collection was kind of a shill.

China Glaze Running in Circles

But back to this incredible green polish. I do recall lusting over it when it was released, but for some reason, I forgot about it. What on earth is wrong with me? This polish is insanely beautiful!! Gorgeous, superfine iridescent gold-green-turquoise flake in a dense, green jelly base. China Glaze, please make this in a rainbow of colours. I will buy them all. (Eventually, I promise).

China Glaze Running in Circles

Formula wise, it was pretty good – first coat does need to be thin though to avoid cuticle pooling. Second coat grabs the first beautifully and a third covers up VNL nicely. It’s so freaking sparkly though. I can’t accurately describe how gorgeous it is. You have to see it in person.

China Glaze Running in Circles

Pretty sure this one hasn’t been discontinued yet, and if it has there’s still a bunch available on eBay. I got mine for a few bucks + shipping. China Glaze Running in Circles will have you running in circles with how incredibly sparkly and wonderful it is! Grab it for your stash right now!

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