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Swatched! Illamasqua Omen

Work gets in the way of the best intentions! But not to worry, this week I am playing catch up so be prepared for a lot of green goodness coming your way! I may need to do three or four posts a day, but I can assure you there WILL be thirty Green September posts up on the blog by the time the month ends! Then I can move on to my October theme. HALLOWEEN!

Illamasqua Omen
Today’s polish is Illamasqua Omen from the 2013 Paranormal collection. I’m a huge fan of Illamasqua. I’ve found their polishes to be interesting, innovative, well designed, and not trend-driven. I like individuality in a nail brand and Illamasqua has that in spades. Not so much a fan of the price point though, retail is pretty high here in Australia ($23 for 15ml).

Illamasqua Omen
I can’t remember where I got Omen from (was it a gift from someone? I’m so sorry if it was!), but if I did buy it, I know I didn’t pay retail. Myer recently clearanced the collection for $5 a bottle! I have the three colours but not the UV reactive top coat. I don’t really spend more than a few hours a week at the disco bowling alley anyway.

Illamasqua Omen
Omen is a gorgeous neon green creme packed full of tiny shimmer particles. It’s actually really unique! As you all know I have a LOT of green polish and I don’t have another one like this one. So often you see green with golden shimmer – the silver is really unusual and pretty. The formula was fantastic too. Really creamy for a polish with neon pigment. I usually find them sheer, but I only needed two coats of Omen for opacity.

Illamasqua Omen
Omen also glows under a blacklight but I was too lazy to switch out my lamps, and I figured a lot of other people probably have far better blacklight swatches than I would manage. Like Lucy’s Stash for example. Polishes from the Seance collection are now discontinued and becoming rare and they are all gorgeous. You should snap them up while you still can!

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